Friday, February 28, 2014

[product review] TRIMTON 2

Having a slim and slender body is every woman's dream, and slimming pills and treatments have become an avenue for those who wish to pursuit their dreams of having such a body... There are many slimming pills in the market, and I have never been on dieting pill before till a new dieting brand caught my attention. It is a top-selling slimming pill from Hong Kong, Trimton 2.

Trimton is a hit in Hong Kong over 8 years and use only totally natural ingredients with different international certifications. It helps you reduce your weight by taking a treatment without diet and exercise.

Trimton 2 is focused on targeting cutting down on oil and weight loss in a natural way. Our intake of oil every day comes from our daily meals and it becomes fats in our body if we do not burn them away. Trimton 2 helps to block out and dissolves oil from food intake by up to 80%. It also targets fatty areas by increasing body heat at fatty area and burns fat, helps body to prevent fat storing and reduces body fat percentage effectively.

Trimton 2 has been awarded with several prestigious certificates and is in a leading position in slimming industry.

Trimton 2 are extracted from natural ingredients that include Green Coffee Beans, Grapefruit Extract, Green Tea and Garcinia Cambogia.

The main ingredients - HCA & Chlorogenic Acid can help to reduce the fat by up to 52%; Green tea polyphenols and organic acids can help to block oil intake up to 30% and help to slim up the whole body and lose weight.

Trimton 2 dieting pill comes in a bright orange color box, and it targets to block & burn fat for the entire body. It offers the detoxification, fat burning and fat blocking all in a single process and it is a highly-rave about product in the Hong Kong market.

Apart from losing weight and trim down the waistline/tummy, this popular slimming product, Trimton 2 in Hong Kong helps to get rid of water retention and improve bowel movements. Trimton 2 is an active fast diet pill as it needs only 6 hours for the complete absorption for slimming power to take effect.

2 capsules a day, keep the fats away.

Take 1 capsule in the morning and 1 at night with warm water. Simply take it either before or after food, it really doesn’t matter as it can be totally absorbed by the intestine. Unlike the traditional pills that we have to take before meals and this makes a convenient dosage for me. 

The capsules are not like those traditional pills which are stuffed with powder, but in fact they are capsules of mini colourful balls! I do admit that the capsules look pretty interesting.

Each capsule contains 400 pistol balls which deliver 100% absorption through intestines as this is the main step to cut the fats. It provides the blocking effect as to neutralise excessive absorption/suppress appetite, detoxifying by cleansing and eliminating body toxins and burning of fat to boost higher metabolism.


I feel like normal, and I don’t feel thirsty at all. I was lucky that I didn’t experience any side effects, but the only thing I notice is that I cleared my bowels everyday as I will suffer from constipation once a blue moon.

After taking the diet pill for 2 weeks, I noticed a slimmer tummy which made me feel really good about myself when I put on my fitting/skinny jeans and there is slight drop of my weight too...

During my medication, I did some light exercises and ate moderately as I strongly believe that we can’t depend on the pills solely as there is a famous line: NO PAIN NO GAIN.  


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