Monday, February 3, 2014

[I am a food lover] Hong Kong's food gem

This trip marks my third visit to Hong Kong within one year-frame as I did it in last March and October respectively... I guess it's kinda silly for a person to go to a particular country for more than twice within a year, but oh well, and I simply love Hong Kong (not inclusive of the unfriendly/rude service)!. Both Baby and I are food lovers, and Hong Kong is THE destination to taste all the best delicacy in Chinese cuisine.

We headed down to the famous 'Char Chaan Teng' named the ‘Australia Dairy Company’ which is located right behind the hotel which we were staying at. The eatery is insanely famous for their popular breakfast set which consists of Iced/Hot Milk Tea, Scrambled Eggs with Toast and Soup Macaroni. Queue are expected before entering the shop, and though it was very long but the waiting time here is relatively shorter mainly because everyone and everything inside this eatery place evolves at a super fast pace.
Once we got in the shop, we were hurriedly ushered to an empty seat, which most likely one can expect to share a table with other patrons. This is the common occurrence in Hong Kong! The not-so-friendly-looking waiter (don’t expect any service from them) walked up to us to take our orders, and the menu is fully in mandarin. 
Food is served within minutes as they expect the customers to finish up their meal as fast as their serving time. There is no time given for lingering at table after eating, and even when taking order, a slight more time used to decide what to eat will get the waiters annoyed.
The specialty in this eatery are the 'Steamed Milk Pudding and Egg Custard' but apart from that, there is another specialty, 'Soup Macaroni with Ham', but the jewel in the crown in this eatery has to be the Scrambled Eggs. All the popular food items, I have mentioned above can be spotted at every table at the eatery place

We shared the breakfast set: Soup Macaroni with Ham to go along with the Toast and Scrambled Eggs, and a cup of Hot Milk Tea.
This time, we ordered an additional Steamed Milk Pudding to share between us.
Australia Dairy Company’ certainly did not disappoint us at all, though the eatery place is pretty small (crowded with people) and the waiters are pretty rude. The unfriendliness might have made our experience a-ish less pleasant, but at least the food made up for it!
We took MTR to Causeway Bay as we were heading to 'Hysan Place' for our dinner. We settled down at Ho Hung Kee, One Michelin Star Restaurant. This was our second visit, and this time we didn't order the Wanton Mee but we had delicious Beef Brisket instead...

We had the signature Wanton Soup to share between us

 I ordered the Soup Beef Brisket Noodles, and it was absolutely delicious...

Baby had Curry Beef Brisket with Rice

Lastly, we shared the Greenies with Oyster Sauce, it tasted simple yet addictive. The damage was HKD283 (SGD47), and it was pretty hefty sum to pay for...

Finally, roasted delights for our tea-time at Tai Hing Roast Restaurant which is located at Mongkok, and we shared a plate of 'Roast Eight Treasures'.

We had our supper at Tsui Wah Restaurant which is located at Yau Ma Tei after our shopping at the Temple Street Night Market. Haha, I'm on holiday so I don't really care if it's sinful even though it was already midnight. I'm still going to get my stomach filled with 'siu ye' (supper in Cantonese).
 It was chilling at night, as the temperature was around 13-15C, and Baby suggested to get some hot soup to warm our bodies. We had a bowl of  Soup Fishballs & Fish cakes, and it taste superb. We felt great after taking the soup in the cold weather.

After our border-crossing trip to Shenzhen, we headed down to Kowloon Tong, and we settled ourselves at Jasmine Restaurant which is located at Festive Walk. Jasmine Restaurant offers excellent Chinese cuisine with a modern touch of experience. It is designed in a modern and elegant style, with dim lights, and gave a pleasant as well as relaxed atmosphere.
This dinner was very special to me as it was my birthday celebration dinner with Baby, and it is very important to have noodles on your birthday, as it represents longevity, so my sweet Baby ordered that for me...  
Baby had the Wooden Barrier Rice which is basically normal fried rice served in a wooden container, but for the taste-wise, it was pretty decent. 
I love the Spring Roll Sticks very much, as it was served with cucumber, carrot and celery sticks.
I had my favorite Steamed Shredded Crab with Egg, and it tasted flavorful yet light on the taste buds with a lovely taste of seafood and the texture was perfect. I love it very much. 
The specialty at Jasmine Restaurant is their Roasted Suckling Pig, and in conjunction of celebrating my Birthday, Baby ordered my favorite Suckling Pig.

The crispy skin had an overlaying yet thin layer of savory fat and tender meat, with the tasty sweet and tangy barbecue sauce topped on the meat. It tasted heavenly delicious and each bite of the meat left me craving for more. 

We shared a pot of Chrysanthemum Tea, and the damage was HKD330 (SGD55) 

Stay tuned for my next blog post on my 1-day to Shenzhen...


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