Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Valentine 2014 + A day out at JPO

This year, Baby surprised me by popping by my office to deliver this pressie to me on Valentine's Day, and I love this sweet gesture of him.

Instead of flowers on this special occasion, he brought me a balloon sculpture instead, and I love it. The panda holding the heart is so sweet that it literally melts my heart.  

YAY!! It is from Kate Spade.

Aww... He got me a pink bangle for me, and I love it so much. It goes well with all my causal attires.

Thanks for being there for me whenever I am in need and all your patience that you have rendered to me all these years... I love you, Baby!!

Johor Premium Outlet (JPO) Malaysia was officially opened in 2011, after hearing many negative reviews + we haven't been there before, we finally decided to make our way there to witness it for ourselves...

We drove in via second link (TUAS), the travel distance took us less than an hour (inclusive of clearing both customs). As baby was driving, I noticed a big signage along the highway showing where JPO was located... 

I spotted Victoria's Secret from far, and I decided to enter the retail as I saw many shoppers walking in and out with their hands full of shopping bags from Victoria's Secret.

The sales items are on bottom-rock prices as compared to Singapore... For example: 4 palettes of eye-shadows at only RM69 (SGD26-ish), 4pc set make-up set at only RM59 (SGD22-ish), any mix of 3 bottles of body lotion, body mist or EDT parfum at RM129 (SGD49-ish), seductive set with a nail lacquer, a lip-stick and a sexy under-garment at only RM49 (SGD18-ish) and etc...

 I set my mind on my favorite scent, Bombshell from Victoria's Secret, and I got a set of 3pcs (Body Mist, Body Shower Gel and Body Lotion) which were packed in a black matte leather clutch bag. I paid RM98 (SGD37-ish) for it.

Bombshell bears a perfect balance of floral and fruity fragrance, and the scent can last on my skin for the entire day at work and it is pleasurable to my senses too.

Before we left the premise, I went to Beauty Scents to get some make-up hauls... I picked up Anna Sui as I fell in love with the classy lacey granny-purse pouch. There were 3 items inside the pouch: Blusher, creamy eye-shadow and a lip gloss. The damage was RM80 (SGD30-ish)

We paid RM3 for the parking at JPO, and it was pretty cheap for this kind of 'atas' place. We drove to Tebrau City Aeon for some light bites, and we settled at Macau Express. We enjoyed our quality RKM time while having my snacks there...

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