Sunday, February 23, 2014

Nice chill-out place: The Brew and Bake Company

We had our dinner at authentic China eatery, named Fashion tastes House, which is located near Clementi. This eatery place offers authentic Szechuan Cuisine. We had a humble dinner and the damage was SGD21-ish.

After our meal, we walked over to the newly-opened cafe, The Brew and Bake Company for some tea and desserts.

The setting of the cafe is pretty simple and the only thing that caught our eyes was the huge collection of classic and vintage toys that were displayed at the cafe. Each toy brought back many fond memories of yester-day and I love the nostalgic feeling.  

I have not seen this 'Fraggle Rock on Wheels' for a very long time!

Apart from the toy display, one of the highlights in the cafe is the primary colored retro chesterfield furniture that was from Thailand. *Happy Vibes*

There are no food entrees, only coffee, tea and pies/cakes.

We had Lychee Cheesecake and Brownie as our desserts, and I was glad that they offers the brand of Gryphon Tea Artisan Tea Selection too.

I love the child-like surroundings and I felt like a child again while chilling out at this hipster cafe. The damage was SGD18 with 2 tea of the pot.

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