Monday, September 8, 2014

[Fairmont Singapore] TruLife product launch + spa service at Willow Stream Spa

TruLife is a newly launched by Poli Medical, an established company that has served the TCM needs of many Singaporean since 1971. TruLife’s premium quality healthcare products contain nutritional benefits wth great taste!

Thanks to the kind people of VanityTrove who invited me to attend the TruLife product launch at Willow Stream Spa, Fairmont Singapore. In this post, I want to share my experience and the journey to restore a healthy balance and rejuvenation from within, with TruLife.

Nowadays, a woman’s motto in Singapore is to stay healthy while looking good at the same time, and therefore this event is worth attending as we have learnt about the newly launched supplements which offer beauty and healthy elements to us.

TruLife’s ready-to-drink supplements combine powerful active ingredients which are absorbed rapidly by the body for targeted results. These supplements are manufactured in Singapore and contain no added sugar or addictives. The beauty supplements contain TCM natural ingredients.

Collagen Cell Renew is a beauty supplement that targets affected cells to help to slow down the aging process, repair skin and locks in moisture. It contains 15,000mg of collagen drink, which is clinically proven to increase moisture levels and decrease UV spot area.

Collagen is a vital part of our body comprising 75% of our skin, and help to repair and affects growth of tissues. As we age, collagen production decreases and cause wrinkles, fine lines, sagging, dryness and dullness.

TruLife Berry Eye Health is a vital eye supplement specially formulated to help your eyes maintain clear eyesight, relieve eye fatigue and keep them bright and sparkling. Made of a high concentration of Bilberry and Wolfberry, these powerful antioxidants protect against free radical damage and nourish the eyes by giving them maximum nutrients.

Herbal System Detox aids in digestion and lessen oil absorption after meals. It helps us to stay healthy and lean with lesser effort. It also helps to Increase metabolism and enhances digestive health.

Dylan is the founder of TruLife, and he gave us a presentation at the event.

Nourish your eyes from within with Berry Eye Health (SGD45.90)
 Revitalize your skin for a youthful glow with Collagen Cell Renew (SGD 56.60)
Detoxify your body and stay lean effortlessly with Herbal System Detox (SGD45.95)

We were given a chance to try out the above mentioned 3 types of supplement drinks.

Users are recommended to take a bottle nightly before sleep. Do shake well before consuming. The texture is rather thick and bears a slight bitter after-taste. I think I prefer sweet and light texture supplement drinks!
Results can be seen within 10 days of intake. Collagen Cell Renew helps to battle skin aging and whitens skin. This impressive collagen level is complemented by Zinc and Vitamins for overall health benefits.

TruLife also introduced their Bird's Nest series, and we also had the privilege to try them.

There was also the Bird's Nest set, which consists of 6 small jars of each 30g which could be consumed in just a mouthful!

Refreshment was provided to us too, and thanks for being so thoughtful.

We were also treated to a complimentary 45mins spa service at Willow Stream Spa, and I chose the Face & Neck Massage. 

The room was dimly lit, which made the mood for relaxing with soothing music, and there was a relaxing light aroma scent as well. The therapists pressed the lymphatic points of my face and massaged my scalp and applied body lotion over my shoulder, chest and arms and massaged gently.

Thanks for the pampering session, Willow Stream Spa!

We bagged home with a generous goodies bag of a tri-pack and a box of Herbal System Detox.

Herbal System Detox is popular among people who is watching and controlling their weight. It has a light texture and bears a strong herbal sweet taste but leaves no after-taste at all. It contains an effective mix of six active ingredients, Green Tea, Lotus Leaf, Folium Sennae, Hawthorn Fruit, Herbal Plantaginis and Cassia Seed which are known for fast digestion and detox properties.

I am going to start my supplement intake regime with a bottle of Herbal System Detox every morning!

TruLife’s supplements are available at Guardian and Nishino Pharmacies as well as OG and Robinsons department stores from September 2014.

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