Friday, September 12, 2014

[Media Brunch] Weekend Brunch at Hotel Re!

Hotel Re! @ Pearl’s Hill is situated at the base of Pearl’s Hill, along Chin Swee Road, and recently they launched some healthy and nutritious brunch entrees which are exclusively on weekends only, from 10am to 2pm.

Last week, Sweetie extended her invite to me to a food tasting session at Hotel Re! They revealed their new Weekend Brunch at the Media Brunch event.
This all-new menu is specially crafted by Executive Chef William Ang, and the weekend brunch starts from 6 September 2014.

The Weekend Brunch is served at Hotel Re!Fill restaurant which is located at the hotel lobby. The restaurant serves no pork and lard.
For the month of September, treat your loved ones as there is a 20% discount off in conjunction with the official launch of the weekend brunch menu.  

A short introduction about Chef William Ang: He has 40 years of professional culinary experience, and he has cooked for His Excellency, President Mr S.R.Nathan at Singapore Turf Club. He is also the Guest Chef for Golden Age Cooking TV serial in 2009 and Chef Organizer of Singapore's record breaking event for Singapore’s Longest Satay and Popiah in 2004.

Classic Breakfast features the full range of must-have English breakfast items like golden hash browns, sausage, baked beans, toasted chef’s choice bread and crispy turkey bacon. 
It is a decent and down-to-earth brekkie entrée for everybody to start their morning or brand new day with. 
Premium Slipper Lobster Croissant - generously filled with a mix of grilled slipper lobster tossed with chopping celery, chive, tomato in Japanese dressing and tobiko. Accompanied by truffle fries, this is an irresistible and elevating dish!
I love the truffle fries and the lobster croissant makes this food choice an upper class indulgence

Temptating Salmon Bagel with delicious smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, grilled tomatoes, mesclun salad all perfectly encrust in a tasty toasted bagel with homemade zesty lemon cream spread.

Extraordinary Egg-citing Benedict as Chef William promises that you will be back for more of these poached eggs that are rested on toasted English Muffins as a base, which are then topped with a generous serving of turkey ham or smoked salmon, sauteed mushroom(s) and grill baby tomatoes and mesclun salad.

Egg Benedict is a choice that you will never go wrong for a brunch.

An alert all berry lovers, do not miss the BeRe!Licious Pancake as it features mixed berries compote drizzled with chocolate and strawberry sauce. Not in the mood for chocolates? No problem. Opt for butter and maple syrup for a healthier choice!

Lastly but not least, thanks for the invite and I enjoyed the five delectable creations very much.

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