Thursday, September 4, 2014

Girls' day out at the Trick Eye Museum

I am glad to have received an invitation from Claressa to visit the Trick Eye Museum which is located at the Resorts World Sentosa (RWS), and I am always looking forward to an all-girls weekend outing.

Apart from me, Claressa also extended her invite to Linda (lil sista), Jasmine (Chewyjas) and Shu Qing (Sweetie). We met up at Vivo City and we headed to Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) for our excursion together by foot as admission to Sentosa Island is free of charge for weekends.

Upon reaching the Trick Eye Museum, we were greeted by a row of baby prams, which were parked at a specific lot. This is done so as to allow for more leg room and photo-taking spots in the museum. Good Move!

A Giant Baby welcomed us as it made his debut at the Trick Eye Museum. The museum is divided into 6 themed zones, World of Masterpieces, Safari Kingdom, Stars of Circus, Dreams of Fairytale, Love in Winter and Adventure Discovery.  

Korea's top attraction opened their first oversea branch in Singapore and it is located just behind the Malaysian Food Street.

I love the magic of 3D exhibits, and I'm actually sitting on the floor!

We spent around 2 hours to complete the museum as there was a slight crowd at the museum when we were there, we needed to wait for our turn to take photos. Luckily, they only allow a certain number of people to go in at a time, as they control the crowd to avoid over crowding at the museum.  

All works ay the Trick Eye Museum create illusions which allow visitors to perceive 3D scenes, and a good collection of designed art and sculptures for photo opportunities.

One of my favorites, flying with the broom!

Do try to wear something comfortable as you will need to climb up and over the exhibits to take the 3D photos.

The optical illusion that freaked all of us out!

The exhibits are sturdy as they are meant to be sat on while taking photos…

At Trick Eye Museum, we can pose with the 3D exhibits to create some funny effect to the photos we take, and there are over 50 exhibits which were specially created art works to let the visitors literally 'blend' in with the background and become a part of the exhibit itself.

We ended our day as part of Van Gogh's Starry Night Oil Painting at the Trick Eye Museum.

Thanks Claressa once again for the lovely invite, and we enjoyed our day at museum very much!

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