Tuesday, September 30, 2014

[product review] Shiseido FT Hadasui Skin Water Cream Bottle + DHC Acerola Lotion

 In this post, I move on to a toner/lotion review as my previous post was on facial wash. Apart from picking up my beauty loots from Matsumoto Kiyoshi, I also love shopping at Don Quijote, it is a brand of discount chain stores where they offer international luxury brand items such as Cosmetics, beauty care, grooming products, clothing/cosplay accessories and even household/electrical products.

Toners are used widely to refresh the skin throughout the day and prep skin without drying!

DHC Acerola Lotion comes in a berry dark pink glass bottle and it keeps my face hydrated though the brightening effect is not significant obvious. As a whole, DHC Acerola Lotion is a good toner with alcohol free, as it keeps combination skin clean and clear.

The main ingredient of this product are Acerola berries, which are used to fight against aging. A high content of Vitamin C helps to ward off radical damages to the skin.

Acerola falls under the Anti-Aging skincare range for DHC, and I picked up at a retail price of 450 Yen.
After reading some good reviews on the net regarding the Shiseido Hadasui Skin Water, I decided to get it for my own usage.
Shiseido FT Hadasui Skin Water Cream Bottle is a mineral beauty water that combining both natural water and creamy moisturizing which effectively tones the skin.
I picked up the 400ml bottle at 600 Yen though they have smaller spray bottles as it is more value for money. This lotion bears a multi-purpose usage as it can used as facial toners, act as an after-sun cooling or simply apply it on the body to hydrate the skin, as there are cream moisturizers infused with 100% natural water from Mt Fuji. It is free from fragrance, no alcohol and hypoallergenic.
As for me, I used it as facial toner and hair lotion before using the dryer as it will protect the hair from extreme heat.
I love the pretentious packaging of Hadasui, a skin-refreshing toner/lotion from Shiseido that come in a bottle of mineral water. It helps to lighten my dark spot and keep my skin hydrated at all times.

I am really happy with my loots i got picked from Japan, and I will bring back more interesting products. Now, I am so looking forward to my return trip to Japan again...

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