Thursday, September 25, 2014

[GEWR 2014 Activity] Cooking workshop with Tupperware

I attended a cooking workshop @ Tupperware office as part of the activities of GEWR 2014, and it was an interesting event as we got to have hands on cooking session.

To be honest, I do cook at times, but my cooking skill is still at best, at a basic level. I want to learn more recipes in order to prepare meals for my family, loved ones and even for myself too. This cooking workshop was a pretty good move for me to gain more cooking methods and inspirations.

I met up with my training buddy, Tracy for the event, and during the event, we were taught how to make 3 recipes, Yam Cake, Egg Tarts and Garlic Spread.
First recipe was the Yam Cake, and we followed the instructions step by step in making the delicious home-made yam cake.

 Tupperware Extra Chef (SGD138) helps to ease the job by chopping and blending the ingredients together effortlessly. The yam cake tasted pretty good!
Next was Egg Tarts, and the Tupperware Season Serve (SGD28.90) is like a tray-like container which is used to knead dough while also having a function to season meat and vegetables.
The egg custard mixture is poured into the crust before baking. I love the piping hot egg tarts!
Lastly, we got to make Garlic Spread for Garlic Bread, and I was excited to experience the hands-on session.
These are the parts of the Tupperware Extra Chef, and it needs to be assembled before using it to chop the cloves of garlic and blend the chopped garlic with the butter and other seasoning ingredients. With the Tupperware Extra Chef, cutting and blending job becomes faster and neater.

I brought the garlic spread home, and I spread them on the French baguette for breakfast for myself and my family members the next day.

It was a pleasurable experience as I picked up some tips and culinary skills from this workshop.
Thanks Tupperware and PASEO for the lovely goodies! 
Till we meet again at the next GEWR 2014 fringe activity in October!

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