Friday, January 9, 2015

Christmas Eve party cum gift-exchange in office + Happy hauling at I.T Fashion

I expected Christmas 2014 to be spent normally in the office, but surprisingly, it turned up to an exceptionally fun Christmas Eve.

Everyone wasn't in the mood to work, and the head of our dept organised a Christmas Eve lunch celebration. Apart from the sweets (Log Cake and Santa Jelly), she bought some sushi and of course the main role of this celebration, the roasted turkey. Some of the colleagues had brought some potluck too, such as Salad in Italian Dressing, Curry Chicken and Mac & Cheese at the party.
There was a gift-exchange after the X'mas lunch, and I love it very much! It was heart-warming as Christmas is a season of giving.

I got a Jack Sparrow Vinyl Figure during the gift-exchange. The figurine looked so cute and I love it loads though I prefer the Disney collaboration instead.
Disney collaboration - Mickey Mouse X Jack Sparrow
I.T Fashion is having their year-end sales of up to 70% off, and I decided to make use of this great deal to get my loafers. I have been eyeing on a few pair of shoes from I.T a couple of months ago. This sale has been going on for almost a month and many shoes sizes were sold out.
I actually wanted to get 3 pairs of shoes but the sizes that were available did not suit me. I was lucky enough to find these lacey loafers from Venilla Suite by chance. I paid a final amount of SGD69 against the retail price of SGD149, and in the end, I saved about half the retail amount!

If you have a smaller foot size, then you are in for a treat as most of the available sizes are for size 37 and below. Sadly to say, Jess Baby has large feet!! Apart from the shoes, I picked up 4 tops as well, and the total damage was SGD187. This is the year-end treat that I treated to myself for working so hard for the whole year of 2014.
I received an illuminating Living Room Keyboard K380 which was delivered to my doorstep! With this cool gadget, it is a good time to catch up with my favorite dramas and TV shows as it makes simple by connecting to TV.

A perfect and nifty device, thanks Logitech for the awesome X'mas gift!

Lastly, I received a sweet X'mas surprise from Brand Cellar, and thanks so much for making my day after a hard day's of work!

Yay! I got some Benefit cosmetics from them, and they came just in time to replenish my current beauty products.


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