Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Christmas Wonderland at Gardens by the Bay

A Girls' Day Out is what I have been looking forward to, and my clique of fab four (Claressa, Jasmine, Sweetie and Yours Truly) went out to spend the whole afternoon together.

Last Christmas, Jasmine extended her invites to us to visit Gardens by the Bay, and we soaked ourselves in the festive atmosphere.  

The Flower Dome was transformed into a Winter Christmas Wonderland, and it gave us a celebratory mood for photo-taking opportunities.

There was a virtual fire place for us to keep ourselves warm from the blasting air-conditioning in the dome. 

Apart from Flower Dome, we also visited Cloud Forest, and we experienced chilling temperatures akin to the weather found in Europe or the Americas. I felt like I was in a foreign country.



We had a good time taking photos, but most importantly, I got to spend time with my favorite gal-friends.


Jasmine and I continued our day after we have completed the excursion, and we met up our partners for a Christmas Steamboat Buffet at Satay by the Bay. After our dinner, we walked to Super Tree Grove to digest our food, after sinfully stuffing ourselves. We went to the Christmas Wonderland, the annual event at Gardens by the Bay, and it was a good time to enjoy the night with loved ones as 2014 began to wind down .

Christmas filled the air as we stepped into the fairyland, under a canopy of great 'trees' and a backdrop of city lights.

The snow-ing session took place at Spalliera, and the snow in the sky was literally foam, and it concluded our night at Gardens by the Bay.

I enjoyed myself very much! Thanks Baby and Ryden for joining us for the dinner and also the night walk at Gardens by the Bay.

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