Monday, January 5, 2015

Gala Premiere of Bring Back The Dead

A week ago, I was invited by Clover Films to the Gala Premiere of 'Bring Back The Dead' which will be screened in theatres on the 8th January 2015.

We were located at the second row of GV MAX, VivoCity, and I had a clear view of the main cast and director, however, this also meant that I had a front view of the huge screen which, being a horror movie, ensured I had lots of up close and personal scares, and I foresaw myself being freaked out by the movie.
 Bring Back The Dead has a touching storyline that will be able to touch many hearts of many mothers, as losing someone dearly in your life is heart-breaking which everyone can relate to easily.
  The casts shared their thoughts of accepting the roles in the movie. I was pretty surprised when Mr Director told us that they completed filming in 19 days.
The movie begins with a 5-minute string of images of the couple's life event from dating to marriage and to having a baby, up until the point the child is celebrating his 7th birthday. The turning point of the storyline is that their son was involved in a tragic road accident and this resulted in the breakdown of the couple's relationship.
A grieving mother, Jia En (starring Jesseca Liu) cannot accept the truth that her son is no longer in this world, and she seeks help from a former caregiver (played by Liu Ling Ling) to bring back her son from the dead. Jia En hides the truth from her husband (starring Jacko Chiang), as she hopes her son can return home and stay by her side.

Several strange occurrences happen in the house, and she suspects that the soul which she brought back might not be her son. She decided to unravel the horrific truth, and as she explores further, she finds that it might have devastating consequences which could result in the cost of her life and lives of people around her.
The pace of the movie was pretty constant in spite of the short running time of 85mins. The story plot is simple and the ending is pretty cliche too but the brilliant twisted storyline made up for it.
'Bring Back The Dead' will be premiering on 8th January 2015. Do support local movie!

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