Tuesday, January 6, 2015

RKM's Christmas 2014

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday and I love how our shopping malls use their time and creativity to prepare us (shoppers) for the festivities and holiday mood, even though there is no snow or climate changes in Singapore. All these pretty decorations are enough to create atmosphere, especially for the young ones!

Baby and I went over to Marina Square and I was soaked myself into very X'mas atmosphere ! I could not resist taking many photos against the beautiful decorations on display!

I love the winter-themed Christmas setting!

I want to be like Cinderella and ride on the pumpkin carriage! 

I had a magical time at Marina Square Christmas 2014!

Lovely X'mas lit up the mood for Christmas as we stepped into the colorful world of sugar Rush at Ion Orchard.

Baby got something for me from Kate Spade Saturday, and I love it very much as I got to choose the item myself. Woohoo!

On Christmas Eve, both Baby and I did a simple gift-exchange at Brewerkz, Stadium.

We had beers and nacho chips while waiting for Christmas to arrive, and we presented the gifts that we bought for each other when midnight arrived!

As usual, I got him a blazer for Christmas again, as I remembered that I got him a blazer from Zara as a Christmas gift too in 2013. This time, I got it from his favorite brand, Desigual.

This is my first bag from Kate Spade Saturday and I remembered I got a Kate Spade Bangle from him on Valentine Day 2014.

Thanks Baby for the Mini A Satchel and a personalised (JESS) Monogram Tag!

I look forward to more celebrations together for the coming years! Lastly, thanks for bringing me to Japan twice in a year (2014) and we completed both the Disneyland and Disneysea in Tokyo. I really enjoyed myself very much, especially with the company of Baby who was so spontaneous!

With all these love gestures, I know that he dotes on me and wants me to be happy! Alright, in short, I have a good boyfriend LOL! Hahahaha...

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