Friday, January 2, 2015

[makan time] Issho Izakaya + Platypus Kitchen

Baby and I went to a newly opened Ramen joint, 'Issho Izakaya' which is located at Kallang Wave Mall. It is quite hidden and it is difficult to spot the eatery place. In order to locate them, you have to walk from the outside of the mall instead!
The walk is definitely worth-while, as it offers a true value for money in Japanese cuisine! Currently, they are running a daily 3-6pm 50% promotion, so we made use of the deal to have our monthsary dinner there.
Both baby and I ordered a Tempura Soba which cost merely SGD7 and we also ordered the Salmon Sashimi for only SGD5.

Potato Korokke has always been my top all-time favourite in my list, and it cost only SGD5 too! It tasted awesomely delicious. Our dinner damage was SGD28ish. What a steal!

Christmas is the one festive holiday which I am always looking forward to, as receiving and giving gifts make me feel loved and blissful. Baby suggested that we have our X'mas dinner earlier in order to beat the crowds, which was ultimately a very good cost saving decision. I delightfully agreed to his suggestion!
We went to Platypus Kitchen which is located at Bugis Junction, and it is a casual bistro/restaurant which offers a large selection of affordable prices on quality gourmet cuisines. This eatery place is specializes in the hand-made pasta and quality gourmet risotto.  

Prices are reasonable as it keeps most of the items in the menu under a price of about SGD20 despite premium ingredients such as caviar and scallops being used!
I ordered Aglio Olio with Crispy Bacon

Baby had Spicy Diablo Crab and Prawn
We shared the signature dish, Traditional Lobster Roll with Truffles Fries. It tasted pretty decent and the portion is good enough for one person as main course. 

Both of us enjoyed the tasty Jungle-styled Fries very much! The damage was SGD75

I end my post with a 'fly-away hair' (treatment needed lol) selfie! I am looking forward to the brand New Year, 2015.

Lastly, thanks so much for the hand delivered bar of chocolate to me! I appreciate the little thought from Mademoielle Simon CREME SIMON!

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