Wednesday, January 28, 2015


I was glad that I was invited to attend the inaugural tasting event of The Macallan in Singapore, which was held at Marina Bay Sands Expo.

This is 'Yours truly', at Marina Bay Sands, and this was my OOTD that day!

I embarked on my journey with 'Toast The Macallan', and during this event, I learnt the best ways to enjoy tasting Macallan whiskey via the demonstration, which itself was an art for appreciating whiskey!

Toast The Macallan was held over 6 sessions over the weekends, and I was glad that I was able to be part of the last session on the last day.

I love the exhibits that were on display at the Toast The Macallan event, and the art of appreciating whiskey inspires me throughout this journey with The Macallan.

The rich range of colors in The Macallan whiskey are derived from the wood of the exceptional oak casks that Macallan uses.

The Macallan has grown from small local enterprise to global recognition from its humble beginnings in 1824. Based on the quality, it has been labeled as one of the world's truly great whiskey.

I took a random selfie with my welcome cocktails that were complimentary, and I enjoyed it very much.

During our 90 minutes session, we were treated to a range of tasting, and digital presentation on how some countries such as Scotland, London, Spain, New York and Singapore have influenced The Macallan over the years.

As a guest at Toast The Macallan, we enjoyed The Macallan Whisky Flight (wine-tasting) which included whiskey from Macallan's range of 12 Years Old, 15 Years Old, Whisky Makers Edition (which is only for sale during travel retails / airports), and lastly 18 Years Old.

The Brand Ambassador, Mr Kieron Elliot was the host, together with local host/celebrity Randall Tan, and together, they brought us on a journey to discover The Macallan's heritage. He shared with us on the correct way to taste and enjoy Macallan whiskey to the fullest.

After the whole tasting, I personally prefer the Fine Oak 15 Years Old, as it went smoothly down the throat and left a hint of chocolatey after taste.  

Lastly, we were given a miniature Macallan 12 Years Old before the session ended.

Both Baby and I had a magical moment at the Toast The Macallan! Thanks for having us at the event, as it was truly a worthwhile indulgence for me. 

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