Thursday, January 29, 2015

Preview screening of ‘Meet Miss Anxiety’

A few days ago, I attended the movie screening of 'Meet Miss Anxiety', and it was a fruitful one. I got the pleasure to be one of the first few to catch this preview, all thanks to Clover films. The premiere date is on the 05 Feb 2015

The Korean movie - ‘My Sassy Girl’ was a smash-hit in 2001, and was directed by Kwak Jae-Yong, where his latest romantic-comedy film, ‘Meet Miss Anxiety’ has made an impact in the movie industry. It has made a smash at the box office ever since its film debut in December 2014.

The movie starts with a graduation day, Qi Jia (starring Zhou Xun) shows up in a wedding dress and went up on stage to recite her vows to the love of her life, Liu Chong (played by Wallace Chung) but got rejected. After the rejection, Qi becomes an alcoholic addict and is suffering from premature menopause brought on by her depression over being ditched by Liu few years back.

As Qi goes through the misery, Yuan Xiao Ou (starring Tong Dawei) has been secretly in love with her since school days, and endures her temper without any complaint, and always stays by her side.  

Zhou Xun plays a 26-year-old lady in the movie, and I was kinda surprised to see Zhou Xun's rice-bowl haircut. Though she is almost 40 years old in real life, her porcelain skin was amazingly accepted by many in the audience, myself included!

In the movie, Zhou Xun and Tong Dawei have an easy chemistry, unfortunately it is plain. Wallace Chung looks kinda out of place as Zhou Xun's love, and lastly, I was surprised by the cameo of Guo Shu Yao aka Yao Yao as a college room-mate.

I personally think it is a good movie though the story plot is pretty simple and thin. I love the theme song very much, and my tears just dripped down naturally as this song touches my heart.

Enjoy the theme song from ‘Meet Miss Anxiety’

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