Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Batam Day Out

On a random Sunday, I asked Claressa and Jasmine to join me for a day-out to Batam. Both Claressa and I love affordable shopping, as well as eating nice and comfort food in Batam. I visited Batam every 6-9 months to stock up my snacks and mummy loves Batam's skincare products, so I need to help her to stock up her products too.

As usual, we took BatamFast to Batam Center and the journey took an hour. We went straight to Mega Mall Batam Center for our Sunday Brunch at Es Teller 77. We love the Mie Ayam Pedas, and not to forget my favorite drink in Batam as well, Teh Botol.
Our shopping desire was fulfilled after our meal. Baby went alone to the men's section which is a level above the ladies' department. He got himself a button shirt at IDR99,900 which is about SGD10 (U.P IDR330,000).
I had fun shopping with my peers and we brought in ton of clothes to the fitting room to try on. Three of us did our fitting/trying in a mega fitting room! I love their companionship as they bring much laughter to my life!
Claressa, Jasmine and I picked up some tops, dresses, bottoms and sweaters from the mall. Most of our loots are on 50-70% sales. My hauls included the red checker button top and I paid IDR99,900 which was about SGD10 (U.P IDR289,900).
I also bought a black top at IDR129,000 which is about SGD13 (U.P IDR159,000) and a pair of flowery jeans which was selling at IDR146,000 (SGD14.60).
Lastly, the graphic print flare top was on 50% sales off and I paid IDR94,950 which was about SGD9.50 (U.P IDR189,900).

The total damage was IDR470.940 (SGD47-ish). Shopping is extremely fun during this trip as the currency exchange rate between the Singapore dollar and Indonesia Rupiah is very good. The exchange rate was SGD1 against IDR10,000, and therefore things are relatively cheap in Batam as compared to Malaysia. We can really maximize our money and take full advantage of the good exchange rate at the same time.
My last trip with my peers was in January this year, and back then, there was nothing much to buy as the designs were not to my liking, but this time, there were sales everywhere in the department store and I love the designs of the garments the mall offered. My two galfriends needed to change more money for food and groceries as they spent all their money on shopping at the Department Store.  

We ended our afternoon tea with Waffles Ice-cream at A&W. We left Batam in the evening after we were done with our grocery shopping at the hypermarket. I look forward to our next day-out to Batam again!

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