Wednesday, October 28, 2015

[bloggers' event] Bulgarian Rose Karlovo (BRK) Signature Tea Party

I was invited to the Bulgarian Rose Karlovo (BRK) Signature Blogger Tea Party which was held at a cosy café, known as the Muffet's Room. This café is located at Icon Village at Tanjong Pager, and I was really excited to attend for this tea party because I adore Roses! I love the sweet scent which leaves me feeling soothing, but at the same time, romantic.

Upon entering the premise, we were greeted by a whole range of products by Bulgarian Rose Karlovo (BRK). They are suitable for all skin types, even for sensitive and troubled skin. There were an array selection of products which contain natural ingredients with proven efficiency as well as safety.
At each table there was a small dish of dry rose petals and some fun activities for us to try on while waiting for the event to start.

Bulgarian Rose Karlovo (BRK) helps to restore youthful beauty and helps to moisture as well as hydrate skin. This will undoubtedly result in achieving a velvety and glowing complexion!
All products from Bulgarian Rose Karlovo (BRK) contain the purest and finest rose oil and there is no added preservatives during the distillation. It had a very nice scent and I found out that it also contain rose oil, which lately, has been a popular and natural ingredient to produce perfume and rose water.

Ms Aries from the Skin Society gave us a presentation on the product range and explained on each product in detail.
I was glad to gain a better understanding of the products and had the opportunity to try out some products too.
The Bulgarian Rose Signature - Serum for Face keeps skin healthy. It allows skin to retain its youthful appearance as well as to increase collagen production to keep a fresh look for a longer time!

ROSE Series - Exfoliating Facial Mask gently removes dead skin cells and cleanses face from impurities without drying. It clarifies the complexion and leaves skin feeling smooth and fresh.

Body Butter from the Rose Joghurt Series is a rich composition of natural oils and vitamins which nourishes skin and protects against harmful radicals from the environment. It is quick absorption and gives skin a velvety as well as soft feel after application. It is an ideal product for consumers who have dry skin. It helps to boost up skin moisture levels to a favourable almost instantly!
We had Salad with Fried Chicken Chunks, Cheesy Mashed Potatoes with Crispy Bread Crumbs and Fried Platter which consisted of Fried Mushrooms, Onion Rings and French Fries.

We ended our event with desserts (cakes and ice-cream). There was loads of good food as well as great companions, which resulted in happy chit chat during the event!

It was a lovely treat for my both my senses (taste and smell) due to the nice food and nice rose scent! Thanks Bulgarian Rose Karlovo (BRK) for the invite and the kind hospitality rendered by the Muffet's Room Cafe.
None of the bloggers went home empty-handed, as we received some of the best-selling products from Bulgarian Rose Karlovo (BRK), as well as the pre-launch product, Lady Joy's Hair Care Liquid Disperse Crystal.

Washing Gel for Face under the Rose Joghurt Series is for everyday use. It cleanses gently, removes light make-up and impurities effectively. It also restores water to the skin and provides extra comfort and a feeling of perfect purity.
Hair Care Liquid Disperse Crystal helps to nourish and strengthen the hair. It also protects the hair from UV damage and humidity effects. It helps to prevent the hair from split ends.
Usage: apply 1-2 pumps onto the hand and lightly comb it through dry hair. Do not rinse.

Q10 Revitalizing Face Cream under the ROSE Series contains Rose Water for skin hydration and nourishing. The Rose Cream rejuvenates in depth, prevents dehydration and stimulates cells regeneration. Daily use will ensure the skin's elasticity and be supply and soft.

I had been using this product for almost 2 weeks, and my skin feels suppler and softer. What really made me fancy this product, is that I have peace of mind to use this product, as it doesn't cause any allergic reactions to my skin! I think it is a priceless result that I will ultimately obtain through usage this product.

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