Thursday, October 29, 2015

[food/event invite] Bangkok Jam Thai'Riffic Food Fest

I miss the street food at Bangkok, especially after I attending the Thai'Riffic Food Fest held at Bangkok Jam. It made me reminisce about my happy days when I last visited Bangkok during my birthday this year.
 Bangkok Jam has eight outlets across Singapore and it is a familiar household name among Singaporeans. It provides diners with both authentic Thai cuisine favorites and fusion dishes with Thai/Western styled background cooking.

Tickets were sold at SGD15 nett per set and made of mixtures of SGD2 and SGD1 coupons. Each set allowed customers to try out at least 3-4 food/drink items. 
Apart from the food coupons, each set of tickets came with a lucky draw chance to win a complimentary 2 nights stay at the Four Points Hotel by Sheraton, Bangkok. Customers also stood a chance to win Creative Eateries dining vouchers at the event too. 
The whole Bangkok Jam was transformed into a mini food street and they offered street food and specialties that are commonly found in the hustle and bustle streets of Bangkok. 

A group of us attended the Thai Street Food Carnival, Thai'Riffic Food Fest by Bangkok Jam which was held at the Marina Square, The Dining Edition. I was glad that my Baby joined me at the event too, as he loves Thai cuisine very much.
Tuk Tuk is one of the icons of Thailand, as it is one of the everyday transport vehicles that can be found everywhere used by the locals. To be honest though, I am quite sceptical of taking the Tuk Tuk in Thailand due to some scams/incidents experienced by my friends, hence I prefer to take the subway/metro instead.
Thongloy Wilaiwan, Chef of Bangkok Jam recreated iconic street food from the City of Angels, and his aim was to celebrate the diversity of the street food in Thailand.

Various Thai street specialties were sold at this stall that made us return for a few servings.

I love the Tod Man Pla (Thai Fish Cakes) and the Peek Gai Tod (Fried Chicken Mid Joints with Thai Fish Sauce Marinade) very much.
The chicken wings were well seasoned and were super addictive too.
Apart from that, they also offered Porpiah Tod (Deep Fried Spring Roll) and Grilled Chicken Thigh and Pandan Leaf Chicken.

We next headed to the stall with the longest queue, and Thai Style Boat Noodles and the Red Tom Yum were on offer.


The boat noodles were very delicious, to the point I tried both the Pork and Beef versions! The Red Tom Yum with Shrimp was very very spicy, even for me! Taste wise, it was delicious, but I think a lot of people's taste-buds were in flames.

Come to think of it, the next item I tried, the signature Spicy Mango and Papaya Salad was also way too hot due to the chilis within.

For dessert, I got to try out Khanom Buang (Crispy Thai Crepes) which has its origins from Thailand's floating markets.
We love these thin crispy pancakes as they bore an interesting taste. It is a nice dessert that satisfies  customers who have a sweet-tooth.

Another famous Thai dessert on offer was Mango Sticky Rice, an all-time Singaporeans' favorite desserts. However, my pick of the night was the Ai Tim Ma Praw, or rather, Coconut Shell Ice-cream! It is most commonly found back in Thailand at Chatuchak Market.

This yummy blend of coconut ice-cream is normally topped with roasted peanuts and red beans. The ones offered at the event was very good and I returned to the stall for second helpings!
The final dessert item that was available was Look Chupe/Luk Chup, which is a very popular Thai dessert which are essentially Thai candies that look like miniatures fruits/vegetables. Having vibrant colors and a sweet taste, these fun desserts are very popular among the kids!

We took many photos together. Rollin' good times just like yester-years! Thanks Creative Eateries for the invite!


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