Thursday, October 1, 2015

[review] Sleeping Beauty on Ice

As part of their 10th Anniversary World Tour by the award-winning Imperial Ice Stars, twenty-four of the world’s best skaters descended into Singapore to present a stunning new interpretation of Sleeping Beauty on Ice! MasterCard Theatres at the Marina Bay Sands transformed into a magical location fit for this fast-paced fairy-tale on ice.

 The National Championship level skaters push the boundaries of contemporary ice dance with their skill and athleticism, combining audacious high-speed leaps, throws and lifts with beautiful fluid ice dancing.

I loved the lavish, elegant costumes, the stunning LED illuminated effects, the spectacular flying sequences, and the dramatic fire effects! Sleeping Beauty on Ice is a theatrical experience suitable for all ages.

I enjoyed the breath-taking and creative ice dances and it doesn't matter if you've seen The Imperial Ice Stars 'Sleeping Beauty on Ice' before, you will still experience the thrill of a world-class ice skating event. This new adrenaline-rich production brought me to the very edge of my seat.

The new interpretation of the well-known fairytale brings a few surprises such as having a wicked fairy called Carabosse, who is a menacing male who spikes Princess Aurora’s birthday drink. Another new twist was to have the other six fairies present at Princess Aurora’s christening were made out to be her sisters instead.

I had the pleasure to watch this spectacular performance all thanks to Base Entertainment Asia. It was a pleasant visual feast indeed!

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