Wednesday, October 14, 2015

[REVIEW] Ultimate Ears Bluetooth Speaker - UE ROLL

The various designs of Ultimate Ears range of Bluetooth Speakers never fails to catch my attention. Whether it is the UE BOOM series, or the UE MEGABOOM series, I will always be impressed by the designs and audio quality!
The latest product from Ultimate Ears is the UE ROLL, which bears a dome-shape that takes the brand design to another level. It comes in various colors, with an additional bonus feature of being waterproof. Although it doesn't have the same 'ear-stomping' sound as compared to the UE MEGABOOM, but it is still a perfect choice for a pool party!
Although Ultimate Ears is facing many competitors, due to consumers being given too many options in the portable Bluetooth speaker market. I feel that UE ROLL still stands out among the rest due to its colorful, eye-catching and distinctive design.
The biggest bonus of this product is that it looks tough enough to bring anywhere, and most importantly, it has a waterproof exterior.
The UE ROLL is wrapped with a single sheet of origami-style poster. It is a powerful pint-sized wireless Bluetooth speaker that can be stowed easily. It is light with a weight of 340g, but the UE ROLL still manages to blasts and awesome 360-degree sound that is loud and crisp! Additionally, the deep bass is superb when it is busting out incredible beats. Remember what I mentioned about a pool party? The UE ROLL is waterproof (IPX7 certified) and shockproof, meaning you can dunk it, a nine-hour battery life and a 20-metre wireless range.
I love the marina-grade bungee cord which is built into UE ROLL, which allows for strapping on to pretty much everything. Example, you could attach it to a bicycle's frame, on a bag or anything you fancy!

The design of UE ROLL is not about being fashionable but to deliver 360 degree sound quality via the dome-shaped device. Ultimate Ears once again proves that even pint-sized portable speakers offer quality surround audio sound.
 The UE ROLL keeps everything simple, with a giant Plus/Minus volume control, and the Power On/Off as well as the Bluetooth Connectivity buttons are located underneath the device.

The UE ROLL is the perfect gadget for me, as I am a truly music lover! Music plays a big part in my life! It enhances and amplifies my music experience to the fullest! The pairing up is hassle-free, as it linked up to my mobile phone within seconds.
The only downside was that there is a missing element which is commonly found in speakers. For those who love 'hands-free' phone conversation, you won't be able to use as it has no built- in microphone. Oh well, the main agenda for UE ROLL is to produce quality audio sound which allow us to enjoy our favorite songs. 
The UE ROLL is available for at a retail price of SGD159. For more information, please visit

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