Sunday, October 18, 2015

[Horror-Ween tasting at Rocku Yakiniku

Rocku Yakiniku is a casual, upbeat and new edgy restaurant which is located at Bugis+. It is a fresh concept, as it comes across a traditional Yakiniku joints that offers a traditional style of Japanese dining infused with modern entertainment.

This October, Rocku Yakiniku has transformed itself into a spine-chilling horror house to welcome Halloween. Check out the shell-shocking buffet line, the hair-raising horrendous décor, and the crazy costumes worn by the staff!

The exterior and the interior setting of the eatery place looks like an underground JRock punk hideout. The brick wallpaper brought out the vibe.

Do check out the Horror-ween Cocktails at SGD16.90++ per jug which includes Spooky Passion (Passionfruit Cocktail), Bloody Thirsty (Strawberry Cocktail) and Witch's Brew (Kiwi Cocktail).

I enjoyed the Spooky Passion very much!

One of the highlight of the tasting was the Rocku Bomb Welcome Drink. It is a sake-beer cocktail. Diners need to do table banging in order to get the same shot to fall into the beer glass. This drink is complimentary for all diners in the restaurant from Monday to Thursday.

It is pretty hard for me to explain or describe via words, you should really come down to Rocku Yakiniku to experience yourself. We had so much fun doing the welcome shots, laughing and shouting while having this 'ritual drink'.


Both Baby and I savored the sizzling BBQ of tantalising cuts of meat which range from beef to pork and chicken off the charcoal grill. We remained comfortable in an air-conditioned eatery place throughout the meal, all thanks to the high performance exhaust system that takes care of the smoke and leaves no BBQ smell. With this plus point, I had a pleasurable experience at Rocku Yakiniku.

We were given 3 different type of food platters, and they were vegetables, seafood and meat platters. Wow! With such a wide spread of food, we were all ready to BBQ. This is definitely value for money with the amount of meat/food they served. The meat was top quality and very fresh.

It was a pleasant night having my blogger friend, Mint performed at Rocku Yakiniku, and I had a tantalising BBQ feast too!

Have a fun-loving Horror-ween everyone! Thanks Creative Eateries for having me at the event.

Lunch Buffet (SGD15.90++ for 100 min) on weekdays (Mon to Thurs)

Lunch Buffet (SGD18.90++ for 100 min) on weekends (Fri, Sat, Sun), eve of public holidays and public holidays

Dinner Buffet (SGD25.90 ++ for 100 min) on weekdays

Dinner Buffet (SGD32.90++ for 100 min) on weekends

You can enjoy free flow meat and 20 additional dishes from their buffet spread. On weekends, you can also enjoy free flow prawns and salmon for dinner.

For the very superb deal of SGD35.90++ per pax, you can enjoy an unlimited serving of meat, vegetables and side dishes available at the buffet spread with free-flow of beer. This offer is available on every Sunday to Thursday from 6pm-10pm.

The BBQ is superb and it is one of the ideal eatery places if you are craving a BBQ date or you are a carnivorous lover. Do visit Rocku Yakiniku which is located at :-

201 Victoria Street #04-06, Bugis+ Singapore 188067
Tel: 6634 3313 

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