Monday, October 5, 2015

[Jess Baby's Space] Old Boys Gallery (OBG) + Happy Hauling

My dinner gathering with my peers still went on smoothly despite the hateful haze, and we went to the Old Boys Gallery (OBG) which is located at Kampong Bahru.

Upon reaching the café, I was greeted by a wall of beers! It is a cosy café which is also filled with many artistic paintings.

Meryl had Mushroom Carbonara while Jasmine and I had the Roast Pork Agilo Olio. The pasta tasted good!

Apart from the main dishes, we also had Seafood in the Basket, as well as Spam Chips, which were served free of charge for every $30 spent on other items! The Spam Chips which were served in OBG are rather different from other eatery outlets as OBG gives a twist by serving their portions in an ultra thin and crispy setting.  
A basket of Spam Chips comes served with a home-made dipping wasabi mayo sauce, and each piece was highly addictive.

The damage was surprisingly decent as we paid SGD20 per person.

My Dearie, Meryl attended the Belvoir's media launch and she was so sweet to get me a bottle of Belvoir drink - Elderflower & Rose. Thanks for the small gesture, and I appreciate it. It tasted refreshing and good. Thumbs up, Belvoir Fruits Farm!

My recent dinner with my Baby was at Ichiban Boshi at VivoCity on a random weekend.

The damage excluded the service charge, as the staff noticed we were not satisfied at all with the service during our meal. Regardless of this compensation, I won't be visiting this outlet anytime soon.

Baby's colleague just came back from Osaka, Japan and she got some goodies for him, and my Baby Boy shared them with me as he knows I love Japanese snacks.


  I end my post with my recent hauls and OOTD!

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