Tuesday, October 6, 2015

[gathering] Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration + K Session

Mid-Autumn Festival has always been a favorite event for me as I love eating moon cakes and playing with traditional lanterns. I used to celebrate this special occasion with my Baby in the park by walking with lanterns and having moon cakes to conclude our mini celebration for Mid-Autumn Festival.

This year, I arranged for a mini gathering with a few friends at the Labrador Nature Reserve, and the attendees were Meryl, Joanne, Jasmine, Jasmine's mummy, and RKM! (Jess Baby and her beau, Baby Kelvin).
We made our own way to the park for the gathering. Upon reaching, we lit up our lanterns at a corner as it was pretty windy at the coastline area. We had a hard time trying to light up our lanterns. Poor baby even accidentally burnt his finger but kept it from all of us because he didn't want to spoil the mood!
Selfie-ing Time!
We brought some moon cakes to share among us to conclude our celebration!
After we were done with our moon cakes, we walked about 0.9km with our lit lanterns back to the carpark, and we had a good time chatting and cracking jokes with one another.
  Baby and I brought them to our favorite cze char eatery place, Sum Kee. It is famous for its traditional Chinese cze char fare which is located at Yeo's Building (Telok Blangah area).

We ordered some of their signature dishes, and everybody enjoyed the dinner very much. This dinner concluded our night-out!
Since the night was still young, Jasmine suggested an impromptu K session. Jasmine's daddy came to pick up her Mommy, and Jasmine hopped on Jazzy and we made our way to Party World, Clementi. 

We were lucky to be able to get an (unofficial) student discount for our session, and an additional 30 minutes of singing time was given to us with no additional fee charge!

I enjoyed this impromptu singing session with my peers, and I really love their companionship. Do arrange again soon!

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