Friday, October 2, 2015

Sharing session with The Flying Dutchman at Kris by MENCE

For the past 35 years, Kris by MENCE has helped more than 300,000 customers to achieve their ideal body shapes and to enhance their health. MENCE has been voted the leading men's skincare and body slimming centre in Asia by TIME magazine, the Quality Brand by Next Magazine and being named the '50 Most Valuable Enterprises in Hong Kong' by Hong Kong Business.
Since 2005, MENCE has also been appointed to the official skincare and slimming organisation for Television Broadcasts Limited's Mr Hong Kong.

The veteran radio DJ, The Flying Dutchman aka FD effortlessly lost 8kg and reduced his visceral fat by 20% with help of Kris by MENCE. He becomes the first celebrity spokesman of Kris By MENCE in Singapore.
As a co-host of One FM #1 Breakfast Show on 91.3FM as well as being involved in a few business ventures, FD has little time to exercise and having an existing heart condition also keeps him from performing intensive exercise. This prevents him from losing weight via the traditional method of exercise.

With the help of a customised weight management programme by Kris By MENCE, FD has managed to regain the figure he used to have in his forties. Apart from slimming down, he also finds his energy levels are higher than before.
Before the treatment, FD went through a detailed body analysis that determined his overall body composition. Fat cells are broken down and his metabolism rate has been boosted to levels that allow him to maintain weight loss results. All treatments used are non-invasive and non-surgical procedure.
Apart from the weight management programme, FD also has undergone 2 other treatments - Double Chin Removal and Structural Remodelling System.
The Double Chin Removal is also a non-invasive and non-surgical. This treatment removes excess water and fats around the chin. The Structural Remodelling System offers younger and smoother looking skin. The skin muscle is toned, his cheeks are lifted and his jaw-line as well as the neck was tightened.

During the sharing/interview session with FD, he shared with us his slimming journey with Kris by MENCE. He witnessed his amazing weight-loss results in just 6 months and now he looks radiant and youthful.
He lost a total of 8kgs and 5.3kg of fats (reduced visceral fat by 20%). He also dropped 2 pants sizes, and now he weighs in at his ideal weight of 79kg.

He also told us that the treatments are very relaxing and he always scheduled them after his Morning Show so he can take a nap while 'exercising'. After the treatments, he felt refreshed and more energetic.
Kris by MENCE
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