[launch event] CR7 Drive by Herbalife

Herbalife, a global nutrition company, has officially launched its new sports drink, CR7 Drive in Singapore! The CR7 Drive is beneficial for all types of exercises, including running and sea sports.

The CR7 Drive was developed in collaboration with global football star Cristiano Ronaldo as part of the Herbalife24 sports nutrition range. CR7 Drive was created to optimize sports performance and address the specific nutritional needs of fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes. Cristiano Ronaldo is an outstanding footballer who places great value on the benefits of good nutrition.

I attended the launch of the CR7 Drive Sports Drink, where I learnt about the benefits of the sports drink and even got the chance to taste it too. Thanks to IN.FOM and Herbalife Singapore for their invitation!

CR7 Drive is a good sports nutrition drink for fitness enthusiasts, to keep them hydrated and in good shape during workouts at all times! CR7 Drive also delivers essential hydration and energy in preparation for intense physical activities. With only 51 calories per scoop, CR7 Drive is formulated to deliver optimal hydration when the body needs it most. It also contains vitamin B12, the essential vitamin required to support metabolism, as well as a good mix of carbohydrates to provide the energy required for peak sporting performances.
CR7 Drive is a contemporary sports drink which contains no artificial Flavours or sweeteners. It comes in a tub containing 60 servings/scoops. I make my own sports drink for my runs now by mixing 1 scoop of CR7 Drive with 250ml of water, and it is great for consumption! 
Each scoop contains only 51 calories, 320mg of electrolytes to replenish the body and Vitamin B12 to support metabolism. I love the light taste of this drink, it does not taste bland but is mildly sweet. Most importantly, it gives me energy before my runs, and quenches my thirst after my runs!
During the launch, there was a special segment, Boot-camp Workout to let us experience CR7 Drive through a cardio-intensive exercise, but I wasn't able to make it on time due to work commitments. Luckily, I still managed to catch a slight peek at the session when I arrived the premises. Perhaps next time! 

The launch ended with a 3-course dinner hosted by Happy Pancakes, and among all, I love the mushroom soup best! 

If you're interested to try Herbalife's CR7 Drive, you can purchase it for SGD67.89 per tub (60 servings) on Herbalife's Website or through other independent Herbalife members. www.herbalife.com.sg


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