My mini birthday celebration with friends and loved ones

 This year, my birthday falls during the Chinese New Year Period again, just as it was 3 years ago in 2014. To be honest, I'm not fond of it as most of my friends are busy preparing to welcome the New Year, and there is no time left for me at all!

Therefore, I decided to arrange for a dinner date cum birthday celebration about 2 weeks before my birthday. Baby had got me a huge birthday gift - A planned 9-day holiday to the Kansai Region of Japan, which included Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto, Nara and Himeji. We arrived back in Singapore a day before my actual birthday, in order to prepare myself for the Chinese New Year!

  My close clique of friends decided to celebrate my birthday by eating Mookata at Nex during our gathering, and we settled at 'Charcoal Thai'. We went for the buffet, and amazingly finished 54 plates of marinated meat, vegetables, as well as other miscellaneous standard steamboat items in less than 2 hours! I personally found this feat amazing! The damage was definitely worth the calories and money paid!

Thanks for the lovely gifts! 

We came back from Japan a day before my birthday, and Baby brought me to the No Signboard Restaurant for a crab feast!

Baby specially ordered a plate of Ee-fu noodles, as we Chinese believe eating noodles on your birthday signifies longevity! How sweet! 

I love the Signature Chilli Crab, as it tasted fantastic with ample tasty gravy. The mantou tasted nice especially after dipping it in the tasty gravy.

The asparagus was light and not greasy at all, a perfect dish for people who are watching their diet. The damage was SGD155, thanks Baby for the dinner treat! 

Do stay tuned to my space on my experience for my Pre-Birthday Japan Holiday in Kansai region.   


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