Special Preview Screening of the Hidden Figures

I attended the Special Preview Screening of the 'Hidden Figures' which will be premiering on the 23rd of February 2017.

The storyline is remarkable and is being based on a true life event makes it even more meaningful. The chemistry is impressive among the characters, and I enjoyed every single moment of the show. The acting is excellent and the casts were unbelievable top notch. I am glad that the story was told in such a tasteful way. 

The setting is about the Cold War Era. Specifically, on the united States's race against Russia to be the first country to put a man in space. Three African-American women work as mathematicians in NASA's computer section in 1961, and they were known as 'Human Computers'. They are the brains behind one of the greatest operations in U.S history by calculating the trajectory launch of astronaut, John Glenn into orbit and guaranteeing his safe return. They are the truly American heroes in U.S history, as they did it quietly with respectful results. Unfortunately, this was during a race-prejudiced era of the 1960's, and this movie pays tribute to the women.

The protagonists in the movie are the 3 black females who make progress in their attempts to reach their goals and maximise their potentials. However they face much difficulty, as there were strong prejudices towards gender and race back then.  

I felt it was a good show that highlighted the discrimination against black people in the United States during the 60s. An example was a scene where they were only allowed to drink coffee out of a pot which was clearly labelled 'Colored'. Another scene had one of the protagonist having to walk a fairly far distance just to use the restroom meant for black people.

Don't let 'Hidden Figures' be a hidden treasure, do catch it at all cinemas on the 23rd of February 2017 onwards! 


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