[Zhen Mei Wei] Simple home-cooked food

Last year, I attended a food tasting organised by Gourmet Hunter KL, and after the tasting session, all bloggers were given a bag full of goodies from 真美味 (ZHEN MEI WEI).

Zhen Mei Wei Food Enterprise offers 100% organic paste and organic taste in their sauce! I decided to use some of the given goodies to whip up a nice lunch for my loved ones. Though I am a food lover, I am not good at cooking, but now with Zhen Mei Wei, it has made the cooking task much simpler for me!

Mummy and Baby accompanied me to the wet market to get the ingredients for my cooking. I got some garlic, onions, dry chilies, chicken breast meat and long beans. 

Below are the prepared ingredients for Kong Poh Chicken, and I used the pre-prepared Kong Poh Sauce from Zhen Mei Wei

 Below are the prepared ingredients for Stir-fried Belacan Long Beans, and I used the Belacan Paste to cook the long beans. 

You can add in more sugar and oyster sauce, which I did for my cooking on both the dishes to enhance the overall taste better!

The Stir-fried Long Beans with Belacan Paste received a good respond from my parents, but Baby loved the Kong Poh Chicken more! I personally liked the vegetables dish too.

Do stay tuned to this space for more of my cooking with Zhen Mei Wei! It really does make cooking much simpler and hassle-free for busy working adults or first-timer home-cooks.


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