[Osaka Holiday] Pokémon Center Osaka + Hello Kitty Café

I'm back from my 9D8N vacation to Osaka + other cities within Kansai Regions, and I can't wait to share on my travel experiences with you guys! It was my pre-birthday trip with my lovely Baby.
Before I blog about my entire Kansai region experience, I want to share with you on my visit to the Pokémon Centre Osaka and the Pop-up Hello Kitty Café being held at The Guest Café & Diner Osaka!
Baby brought me to the Pokémon Centre Osaka which is located on the 13th floor of Daimaru, Umeda Department Store, next to Osaka JR Station. It was one of a kind experience and if you are a Pokémon fan, it is definitely worth a visit!

Pokémon Centre was one of the must visit places on my itinerary, as I am a huge Pokémon Fan and avid Pokémon GO Player! Inside the premises, they offered a wide selection of plush toys, foodstuff, lunch-boxes and keychains. I really love the selection Pokémon themed foodstuff such as cookies, candies and marshmallow. 

A trip to Pokémon Center will not be complete without getting your own Pokéball!

Apart from the Pokéball, I also picked up some plush toys and keychains too. 

During my visit, I was also happy to let my Pokémon(s) from Pokémon Go head to the 'gym' to earn me some coins too! Most awesome of all, however, was I managed to catch the region Pokémon, 'Farfetch'd'! I was very happy and contented, even though I only managed to catch 2 of them during my entire trip. It seems like 'Farfetch'd' Pokémon is pretty rare in Japan too!

After our shopping at the Pokémon Center, we had our dinner within the mall. We settled on sushi and Sashimi. We had a nice yet pricey meal! 


We made our way back to Dotonburi for more shopping and feasting! We had Okonomiyaki at Creo-Ku, and it was a sinful yet delicious supper! 


I was lucky to be in Osaka to visit the Hello Kitty Café which has been transformed from The Guest Café & Diner temporarily from Jan 14 to Mar 26 2017. It is currently located at Osaka's Shinsaibashi Shopping Arcade. 

The special love-themed menu was available at the café, and we ordered a glass of Cream Soda with Red and Blue Jelly, as well as the 'Two Get Together' - Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel Afternoon set. 



Do stay tuned for more travel experiences in Osaka.


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