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 'A Healthier You' is an online health food store that believes that health and wellness are essential for a life to be lived to its fullest potentialAlways remember: Health is a gift! A box of floral and herbal tea is definitely a great gift idea for your loved ones or for your own enjoyment. 

Gifts from online shops are getting more popular, as it really helps save a lot of time as compared to shop in the mall. I am happy to be introduced to a new online store that offers healthy gifts! 

 I got a gift parcel from recent collaboration with 'A Healthier You' two weeks back, and it contained different types of teas such as Floral Teas and Herbal Tea Blends. Their online store offers a wide selection of Floral Teas, Herbal Tea Blends and Herbal Soups to nourish our health. They also provide free delivery for purchases above SGD70.  

When I opened the gift box, I was rather pleased by the teas which were all packed and sealed individually. Every batch of goods from their supplier is examined personally by the company to ensure their customers obtain the best possible quality. As a consumer, I am happy that their individual products are only prepared and packaged upon one's order in order to ensure maximum freshness. Kudos to A Healthier You!


Due to my hectic lifestyle nowadays, I find it difficult sometimes to maintain or pay attention to my health. With 'A Healthier You', things are now easier and convenient for busy people with heavy schedules like myself! These convenient  packages of goodness are perfect for you to tide through your busy days or as a gift to your loved ones.

Jasmine Buds
Rich in Antioxidants
Reduces Cholesterol level


Dried Blackcurrants
Rich in Vitamins C and Antioxidants
Boosts immune system
high in potassium and gamma-linolenic (GLA) which can lower blood pressure
Improve eye functions - to relieve symptoms of visible fatigue and increases blood flow


French Rose Buds
Rich in Antioxidants
Weight loss benefits

Kunlun Snow Chrysanthemum
Anti-inflammatory properties
Improves cardiovascular system
Alleviates cold symptoms
Improves eye health

Below is the simple recipe for Chrysanthemum Green Tea 

dried chrysanthemum flowers
1 tea-bag organic green tea

Sweetener - honey to taste


Bring water to a boil, steep 1 tea bag and the dried flowers in hot water for 2 to 3 minutes. If you want a stronger floral note, remove the tea bag when the tea reaches its desired strength, and then continue to steep the flowers for a longer time. 

You may choose to decant the tea to serve if you using a teapot, as the tea and flowers can be re-brewed again. Lastly, add honey to sweeten (Optional).



Osmanthus is a yellow-gold flower grown in Southern China. It has a uniquely sweet and buttery fragrance that makes it not only delicious to drink as a pure tea or part of a tea blend, but is also great to create sweet desserts. It helps to improve the complexion, and aids to reduce the risk of the onset of cancer and diabetes. Osmanthus flower tea can be enjoyed at any time of the day or evening without encountering trouble getting to sleep, as it is caffeine free! 



I made some jelly by adding some Osmanthus buds to enhance the jelly with a floral aroma!

I am glad that my family enjoyed my home-made desserts, and they kept singing praises, especially on the fragrant aroma of the Osmanthus buds. My hubby keeps asking to make more of these! Perhaps I shall make Lavender Jelly next! Do stay tuned, as I will share on them on my IG. By the way, I'm Dipmecocoa, nice to e-meet you, and let's get connected!


There are recipe ideas provided in their website for each of their products. So wonderful! If you are interested to get your hands on the health food products, you can order them directly from their online website.


Now, you can enjoy a 10% discount with no minimum spending if you enter my promo code 'JESSIE10' at the checkout page. Promo is valid til 31st October 2020. 

Here's to great health to everyone, especially in these uncertain pandemic times. Let's all stay safe and healthy together!

A Healthier You


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