[random] New food item launch in KFC / Genki Sushi / Kim's Family Korean Restaurant

I've been working from the office on Fridays for a while now, and many of my friends are asking me on my thoughts! I have mixed feelings about it. In the office, the computer runs faster and the printer is available to me as a tool to print out reference materials/emails. Lastly, my bosses are always there to guide me should I require any assistance. However, this is not to say that working from home is not productive, as I think most of us must now adapt to this new reality. Working from home can be efficient too, as long as you have the correct mindset and professionalism!

As usual, Baby came over to Suntec City to fetch me from my work, and we settled our dinner at Genki Sushi. We were so lucky that we were directed to our seats upon reaching the eatery. We ordered quite a few random sushi items and our orders 'rode' in on a mini Shinkansen (Bullet Train) all the way from the kitchen to the respective table by a special track. This is definitely faster than a conveyor belt!

The damage was about SGD55, if you are looking for economical Japanese sushi, Genki Sushi might be a pit pricey! For me, I do enjoy a treat once in a while, and I relished the opportunity to have my favorite types of premium sushi! I will still be back in the near future!

KFC Singapore has launched the new Chicken Ham Twister! It is a new addition to its Twister series, and it is now retailing at just SGD4! The Chicken Ham Twister is only available for dine-in and take-away at KFC a.m. Restaurants during breakfast hours till 11am.

Both Baby and I wanted to try the KFC brekkie, and we saw that there was a new wrap available! Being a fan of ham, I just had to try the new KFC Chicken Ham Twister! If you're looking for an alternate option from the usual wraps, then do give this a try as I found it quite delicious. The wrap consists of a Tortilla shell that contains a slice of chicken ham, scrambled eggs with shredded cheese, sliced tomatoes and topped with mayonnaise! I'll probably get this again soon!

I was glad that the company '0.8L Singapore' sent me a gift box which contains Deer Antlers Korean 6 Years Red Ginseng Sticks directly from Korea!

Now, the Deer Antlers Korean 6 Years Red Ginseng Stick by RAWEL has become my pick-me-up Superfood in my daily life! Ginseng is said to offer many health benefits to support a healthy immunity system. Thanks to RAWEL, each stick helps me to stay energised whenever I feel tired and stressed from work. Lastly, thanks 0.8L Singapore for the delivery!

 After a long hiatus, I re-visited Kim's Family Korean Restaurant which is located at Lorong Kilat. It is a family-run authentic Korean Restaurant. The most unique thing that I love about having Korean cuisine is the banchan (side dishes). I was impressed by the amount of banchan provided. A total of 12 house-made refillable side dishes were served to us, which I can say the selection of banchan REALLY filled up our table.

We ordered a pot of Budae Jjigae (Army stew) to be shared between us! Kim’s Family Korean Restaurant is a great place to start exploring Korean cuisine and this eatery place provides homely yet genuine Korean cuisine. The damage was pretty decent with the generous appetisers, and I will definitely come back again!


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