[food review] Overly Cheezy

Hello Everyone! I have been working from home for almost up to 5 months and counting! This also means that I have to really ponder on what to have for lunch or dinner. Although I do enjoy having home-cooked meals at times, food delivery has now become a part of our daily lives for sure!

Recently, I collaborated with Overly Cheezy, and I ordered 2 large pizzas, 2 sides and 2 desserts! My lunch order arrived within my time slot (1pm to 2pm) at 1.30pm.

Overly Cheezy opened its first outlet in the heartlands of Hougang. It's the first pizzeria in Singapore to use five different cheeses on every pizza! It consists of Gruyere cheese, (mostly used in high end restaurants), mozzarella, emmental, cheddar orange and parmesan. They are handcrafted with fresh ingredients and premium doughs. They have collaborated with expert chefs from Japan, Italy and France to create their unique recipes! Although they are using premium ingredients, they keep their pizzas at an affordable price! Kudos to Overly Cheezy for this!

Look at their menu! I was literally spoilt for choice on what to order. I really had a hard time making my choice. Here's my order: their best-selling Trufflicious Hawaiian Pizza, Hokkaido Teri-Chiki PizzaCriss Cut Fries, Overly Wings and Molten Lava Cake in Chocolate and Matcha flavors.

There is currently running a promotion where we can get any 2 regular pizzas at SGD22 while any 2 large pizzas are at SGD33.

Nothing really can go wrong with this classic pizza, which happens to also be our favorite. I loved the thin-crusted Trufflicious Hawaiian pizza! The moment I lifted up the box lid, the aroma of truffle oil wafted through the air. I personally think that this is a refreshing change to the traditional/classic offering of the Hawaiian pizza!

I also did enjoy the sweet and salty combo of the teriyaki sauce which was the base of the Hokkaido Teri-Chiki Pizza. The Japanese-styled marinated chicken meat gave the pizza just enough of a touch of an Asian fusion feel!

The Overly Wings (SGD6.90) tasted as good as it looked. The chicken skin was absolutely crispy, and the meat was juicy and well-marinated. The wings were a tad salty, but I found it tolerable for myself. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the crispy chicken wings very much.

Apart from the wings, we had Criss Cut Fries (SGD3.90) too!


Interested to savor some handcrafted premium pizzas in the comfort of your home? Order today at http://www.overlycheezy.com/ now, you can also place your pizza orders directly at +65 6245 4922 or drop by the outlet which is located at Block 311 Hougang Ave 5 #01-189 Singapore 530311.

Open daily, 7 days a week, from 11am to 11pm. They provide island-wide delivery service, and if you are staying in the Hougang Area, the delivery fee will only be SGD5, while it's SGD15 for an island-wide delivery!

Don't forget to follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates and promotions too!


Right now I am really hungry.

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