[PRODUCT REVIEW] Pam & Roy Herbal Water Color

Happy Weekend! I am going to share on Pam & Roy's Herbal Water Coloring Hair Dye from Korea. Most people know that some hair dyes that are available in the market contain chemicals which may lead to health risks and unwanted side effects.

The most common chemical found in hair dyes is Ammonia, which is often used to deliver color into the hair strands that might usually hurt the hair and scalp in the long term. 

Each box of Pam & Roy's Herbal Water Coloring Hair Dye consists of 3 sachets and all the essential tools/items such as a Mixing bowl, Dye Brush, Mixing Stick, Vinyl Gown and Vinyl Gloves. It contains 32 types of natural herbs and traditional Korean Medicinal ingredients that help to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. It also does not contain peroxides, ammonia, animal-derived ingredients, mineral oils and henna!

 There are 5 natural shades: Red Brown, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown and Natural Black. I read about the ingredients used for the dye, and I felt that it was safe to use for my mommy. Therefore I chose the ‘Dark Brown’ for my Mommy.

Since the powder is packed in 3 sachets (10g/sachet), I found that it was very convenient to use the correct amount of powder for different hair lengths. The remaining sachets can be kept for future touch ups!

Here are the measurements that Pam & Roy is recommending:

Partial grey hair: 10g (1 pack) + water 50ml
Short hair: 20g (2 packs) + water 100ml
Long hair: 30g (3 packs) + water 150ml

Pam & Roy offers effective results in covering grey hair only requires water during the color dyeing process. Simply mix the herbal powder with plain water, and you are ready to dye your hair with ease in the comfort of your home!

For my mommy’s hair length, I used 2 sachets with 100ml of water on her. Do note one should use warm water to mix the powder as hot water might hurt the scalp! Leave it on for 40 minutes before washing it off! From the instructions given, it is recommended to wash the hair with shampoo twice until the water runs clear to fully remove the dye solution from the hair.

 If you are someone who needs 100% grey hair coverage or you just want to give your hair a new makeover, I would recommend Herbal Water Coloring Hair Dye from Pam & Roy. Since the box contains all the tools you need, I think it’s rather worth buying!

Disclaimer: This post is a collaboration with Pam & RoyReviews are based on personal experiences/opinions.


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