[All about food] Aburi-en + Monster Curry + Sho Ryu Ramen

Happy Birthday to Wilfred! Although we've only known each other since 2018, it seems like we've been friends for more than half a decade!

I really enjoy your companionship together with the other members from 'Team Marvel'! I met up with the Birthday Boy and CK on a random weekday after my work. We settled our dinner celebration/gathering at Aburi-en, which is located at the basement of Suntec City Tower 5.

We had a delightful dinner, and both CK and I were glad that Wilfred enjoyed his dinner very much.

After our meal, we proceeded to Coffeesmith for tea and cake session. I loved the Salted Caramel Cake and Rooibos tea very much. We ended our night with a wefie at the premises! 

On a random weekday, both Baby and I went to Sun Plaza to have our dinner after work. We discovered a food gem which is located at the basement of the mall. We settled our dinner at 'The Home' Restaurant.

We ordered the Stir-fried White Noodle, and we savored very bit of it. I loved the clam broth very much! We also ordered Bala Clams and Chinese Sausages (lup cheong) Omelette. The clams were fresh and the omelette was full of goodness of the ‘lup cheong’. Thumbs up! 

Although I've started to go to the office, I still maintain the WFH program most of the time. I only go back to office once a week, and home-cooked food remains a default option for both Baby and I. Thanks Mum Vi for cooking for us!

Are you gutsy enough to take up the Monster Spicy Challenge of level 10, 20, 50 or 100?

 I went for Level 10 for my Salmon Fry Omelette Curry! One word to wrap up my experience: ‘Shiok’

There are 4 crispy pieces of fried salmon laden on a bed of rice with a fluffy omelette. It comes with a pool of Japanese Curry with 10 heart shaped icons on the curry - that’s the hot sauce. Their in-house hot sauce consists of chili padi, garlic, ginger and celery. I highly recommend the hot sauce to complement the curry sauce! 

I end my post with a delicious meal at Sho Ryu Ramen at 111 Somerset, and I really enjoyed the Hakata-styled Kuro Ramen very much!


Your dinner looks great!

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