Fabric Adhesive Tape Cleaners by RAONTRM + Soi 47 Thai Food at King George Road

I re-visited Soi 47 Thai Food after a fairly long hiatus due to the Circuit Breaker. This eatery place is located at King George Road

We started off with our favorite Thai Prawn Cake, and it tasted super yummy!

We had our mains - Fried Olive Rice and Phad Thai with Seafood!

We also ordered a bowl of Tom Yum Cream Soup with Seafood. The spiciness level was just right for us, as it was pretty authentic. The soup does come with a generous portion of seafood, which included fried fish and prawn. The total damage was about SGD29!

Are you facing the following pains in daily cleaning, such as lint on your everyday clothes? You may perhaps be looking for the right tool to roll away lint or pet fur from your clothes or even your sofa, or even eliminate dust on your furniture or car seats!

I was glad that the company '0.8L Singapore' sent me the Fabric Adhesive Tape Cleaners from RAONTRM directly from Korea! With these useful tape Cleaners, I can now enjoy a cleaner environment at home. I am surprised by the end results that this product offers.

The Fabric Adhesive Tape Cleaners did a remarkable job for us as they pick up lint, dust and even fallen hair! Even the roller device was super easy to use, and best of all, it’s extendable too!

I use them on my clothes, furniture, carpet, bean bag sofa, and even the seats in my car. Hayboy can do his own cleaning too. It’s super convenient!

The Fabric Adhesive Tape Cleaners are great for anyone, especially for those who are annoyed by lint or pet hair! This product will definitely make your living environment cleaner, healthier and happier! Thanks 0.8L Singapore for sending over these useful products!

I end my post with my OOTD at work!


Pad Thai looks very tasty.

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