[product review] Derma Lab LUMICLAR Mandelic Renewal Serum + New released products by KUNDAL

Every weekend = me time, as I can put my office work aside and begin to share my experience about the beauty products I have received 

Derma Lab products help sensitive Asian skin to develop a stronger skin barrier. Recently, they launched the LUMICLAR Mandelic Renewal Serum (SGD59.90)

I started using the Derma Lab LUMICLAR Mandelic Renewal Serum about a month ago. It helps my dull complexion to look more radiant and luminous. This serum is formulated with 5% Mandelic Acid which is an effective yet gentle exfoliant that is suitable for sensitive skin. It is also scientifically proven to dissolve dead skin cells and boost skin renewal. I love how it replenishes long lasting moisture to skin throughout the day, leaving it looking healthy and supple.

Thanks Daily Vanity for sending me the LUMICLAR Mandelic Renewal Serum for my indulgence experience.

Beauty starts from having healthy skin, and with that same logic, healthy hair begins at the scalp. Always remember to include having scalp care products such as treatment water/tonic or serum in your hair care routine. It will create a healthy environment for our hair to grow.

The Miracle Damage Care Water Treatment (Cherry Blossom) is SPLENDID! It is a wonderful product for DAMAGED HAIR, as it provides deeper nutrition. When the water formulation encounters wet hair, it turns into a cream texture.


To use: Remove excess moisture after shampoo-ing, and apply the product to the hair. Leave it for a while before rinsing thoroughly.

The Kundal Head Spa & Scalp Scaling Water Treatment helps to protect against hair loss and provide nutrition for the scalp. The caffeine is the key ingredient to boost the scalp with instant essential nutrients for fuller and thicker hair regrowth.

Lastly. I treat my hair with a head spa after my shower by spraying the Scalp Care Solution Scalp Spray onto my scalp, and then hand massaging it into the scalp to absorb the product better. It is suitable to use on both dry or wet scalps!

How to use

Step 1: shake the bottle before using

Step 2: Spray evenly on your scalp

Step 3: Massage your scalp with fingers till it is completely absorbed.

Absolutely thrilled that KUNDAL has newly released hair products, which I found quite appealing to me after using them! Thanks The Tattletale Agency for the opportunity to review these awesome products, and lastly thanks KUNDAL for pampering us! I look forward to more newly released products!


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