[FOOD REVIEW] Yanxi Palace Steamboat 宴喜宫火锅

For any Singaporeans, a good hotpot/steamboat meal is definitely on our list of satisfying comfort food. Communal styled fare is popular in Asian cultures. The steamboat hype has especially been going on for a long time in Singapore, but now it has become even more popular than before! This explains why we see many different types of comfort hotpot fare such as Japanese Shabu Shabu, Chinese Huo Guo or Thai-styled mookata. 

Yanxi Palace Steamboat 宴喜宫火锅 is a newly opened steamboat restaurant which serves a specialty hotpot spread from The Great Ballroom at Hotel RE! There is complimentary parking for guests of Yanxi Palace Steamboat

Yanxi Palace Steamboat pride themselves for making their double boiled soup bases from scratch, with curated ingredients that are fit for a king.

We also started off on our dinner with a glass of Home-made Bubble Tea which comes in several flavors such as Matcha Milk Tea, Earl Grey Milk Tea and the Classic Milk Tea. They tasted pretty good and refreshing.

We are usually familiar with the traditional favorite soup bases, such as tomato or Ma La. However, at Yanxi Palace Steamboat, diners can choose from 7 soup bases, including the Imperial Elixir Youth soup, Yanxi Treasure Pearl, Tomato, Mala, Mushroom, Pickled Cabbage, Pepper Pork Stomach & Chicken and the in-house unique choice, Buddha Jumps Over The Wall.

I was overjoyed that Buddha Jumps Over The Wall soup was offered at the premises, and I couldn’t wait to dive into the flavorful hot pot soup that was sure to be packed with many health benefits and nutrients!

We selected Buddha Jump Over The Wall, Imperial Elixir Youth and Pepper Pork Stomach & Chicken as our 3 soup bases. Out of the 3 soup bases that we tried, the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Base was the one I found the most delicious, as it is rich and loaded with properties that is beneficial to general health and nourishes the blood.

The Imperial Elixir Youth soup was thick and flavorsome even before adding the ingredients and the soup was enhanced by the wholesome ingredients with a nourishing taste that left us wanting more.

Apart from the steamboat, we also had some side dishes, such as the Salted Egg Fish Skin and Crispy Pork. We loved the  Salted Egg Fish Skin very much, as it offers an intense coating of rich creamy salt egg yolk flavor. The crunch of these fried fish skin is super addictive!

The meats were thin sliced delicately, and with the flavors of the meat, it enhanced the soup simultaneously and every sip of the soup tasted heavenly good! 

To balance our feast of meats, we were also given the 'Seafood Platter (SGD68)' - A selection of crayfish, tiger prawn, half shell scallop, half shell wild abalone and green lipped mussels in a deep ocean coral like plating.

Seafood Lollipop (SGD12 for 5pcs) - They are hand whipped seafood paste that are hand-moulded into the shape of a ‘mooncake’ with 'Yanxi palace (宴喜)' engraved on it in Chinese characters.

Rose Beef Tongue (SGD18) – Each slice of beef tongue is being placed as rose petals on the serving plate for pleasure viewing. 

The Rose Tofu (SGD8) was exquisite, and they come in 4 color shades. 

A tray of Organic Handmade Rainbow Noodles (SGD12) was served as part of the tasting session. The noodle has a mild sweetness and is available in four different options! 

Yanxi Palace Steamboat 宴喜宫火锅 offers a wide array of ingredients to add into the hotpot, and among my favorites were the Diced Wagyu Beef (SGD24). These cubes melted in my mouth with a natural sweetness!

We ended our tasting session with some refreshing desserts such as Rose Ice Jelly, Signature Ice Jelly and Osmanthus Ice JellyThe dessert was very refreshing!

Thanks for the invite! We were glad to have been invited for this tasting session. I love to gather with my friends to have a good steamboat/hotpot, as it offer a heart-warming communal dining experience whereby everyone is at the table, cooking their favorite ingredients in simmering hot soup.

Yanxi Palace Steamboat 宴喜宫火锅

The Great Ballroom @ Hotel Re!
175A Chin Swee Road, Singapore 169879
Opening hours: Sun-Thu ~ 12pm-12.30am ; Fri-Sat, PH Eve & PH ~ 12pm - 2am
For reservation: (+65) 8858 9711


Hot pot with 3 soups is the best

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