Unboxing my November's parti-package + test review of ‘The Laughing Cow Cheese’ by Home Tester Club

Happy unboxing!

I am into my fifth month with Particlub. Ever since I joined as a member in July, I have been receiving a monthly 'Parti-package' delivery to my doorstep! My mommy is always the one who collects the parcel delivery, and KaeGirl strike a pose with the Partibox goodies!

My mommy claimed that the contents of the goodies are getting better each month! There are now more brands collaborating with Partipost for the month of November as compared to the previous month. These were the goodies delivered to me!

Newly launched Marigold UHT Milk with Malt will definitely 'Malt-iply' the taste and goodness! There is also a cute lunch box from the cartoon 'We Bare Bears'.

 Apart from the UHT Milk with Malt, Marigold X Partipost also includes a 1L Milk Carton of Strawberry Flavored Milk.

The Dental care by Elmex parcel included mouthwash, a toothbrush, professional toothpaste as well as a small tube of toothpaste for kids!

Elmex is the no 1 Brand Recommended in Switzerland. Do hop over to Watson’s Personal Store to try out their 'Anti-Caries Protection series'!

Trial Hair Kit from PHS HAIRSCIENCE.

Cute notebook & Multi-Purpose Solution by FreshKon

Halls XS Sugar Free Mint (Lime)

Weekend Stay Home indulgence with Ellure Tomato bubble Mask and Medical Cold Compress Paste by Wou Wou

That summarizes all the goodies that I got for my November edition from Particlub! I am now looking forward to my December gift Box! Do stay tuned, as I will share on the box's content on my space again!

I was happy to be selected by 'Home Tester Club' to do a test review of ‘The Laughing Cow Cheese’. It is a French iconic cheese brand with almost a 100-year history. Their cheeses offer a rich authentic cheese taste and silky creamy texture. It is also full of concentrated dairy goodness!

The Laughing Cow Cheese is rich, creamy and the perfect snack for any occasion. With 35 calories per light cheese wedge and seven delicious varieties to choose from (such as creamy swiss, white cheddar, and queso fresco & chipotle), there are endless pairing options to enjoy them whenever and however you want.

The Laughing Cow Cheese is deliciously smooth and delightfully tasty, and I am thankful that the cheese comes in portions which are just nice, so that I will not over eat them! KaeGirl loves this perfect snack, as it is also good source of calcium. For myself, I enjoy eating them on its own directly from the fridge at times, but I usually do enjoy spreading them on bread/crackers or toss them into salads as well.

Thanks for sending the product over and for the wonderful try-out. I do hope you guys enjoy my mini experience of the product!


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