[product review] Treatis UV Defence Sun Cream + ANLAN Silicone Electric Facial Cleansing Brush & Massager

Whether you are a skincare junkie or a total novice about skincare, a facial cleansing brush can be a major bonus to your skincare regime to make it easier for you.


Most of the time, we cleanse our skin with our hands which might be too gentle to clear up the impurities on our skin. With these cleansing brushes, it creates the perfect lather to help clear your skin of dirt, oil and makeup without overdoing it.

Starting and ending my day with a cleansing facial massage is a must-have for my beauty regime!

I was introduced to the ANLAN Silicone Electric Facial Cleansing Brush & Massager. It's waterproof with a deep pore cleansing ability and a heating function. This device is combined with a 2-in-1 heat technology that assists users to achieve a refined look by lifting up the skin. The soft silicone bristles together with a powerful vibration that not only helps to remove makeup and cleanse pores but also reduces breakouts and removes blackheads effectively.

I really love the sleek design which I find fits comfortably in my hand. It is also easy to use! The quality is good too, and its battery is rechargeable as it comes with a USB cable. Most importantly, it is lightweight and portable which makes it a perfect companion for any occasion, such as staycations!

This silicone facial cleanser delivers a high quality performance and is the ultimate tool to remove both dirt/makeup and rejuvenates one's skin. It offers maximum facial cleansing with the various vibrating speeds which one can adjust to their own preference. The highest frequency setting removes dirt and makeup residues, while the lowest speed boosts blood circulation.

With this device, it provides effective facial cleansing in just 1 minute! The impurities on my skin which might cause skin blemishes are removed, allowing me to achieve a clear, radiant and healthy-looking skin! This facial brush is suitable for all skin types.

The ANLAN Silicone Electric Facial Cleansing Brush & Massager has exceeded all my expectations, and I am pleased with the quality. I love its compact size and long lasting battery life. If this is your first time using a facial cleanser device, I strongly recommend you to try out this affordable device from ANLAN. Get yours and experience the convenience of this beauty tool/device from the ANLAN Official Store.

Harmful sun rays are the No.1 cause of premature aging signs on your skin - Problems one may face are wrinkles, freckles, pigmentation, reduced elasticity and uneven texture of the skin. You need to protect your skin with sunscreen, as it is the most essential skin care product!


Wearing a face wear is a new norm, and sunscreens in general can be uncomfortable when worn under a face mask. I was lucky to receive the TREATIS DEFENCE SUN CREAM from '0.8L Singapore', and now it is the perfect product for Singapore's humid weather which allows one to take care of their skin at the same time while wearing a mask!

TREATIS is a Korean brand that primarily focuses on developing high-quality products at a reasonable price. Their UV DEFENCE SUN CREAM SPF50+ PA+++ is formulated to be a powerful sunscreen that equally protects the skin from UV rays and moisturizes all without leaving a white cast. Most importantly, it is gentle on the eyes too!

The ingredients included in this product helps to moisture and improve skin conditions by lightening blemishes, reducing acne, and even helping to balance skin tone! It also protects the skin from UVA/UVB radiation. The light-scented cream is off-white in color, and the watery texture spreads out smoothly and leaves a cooling sensation on the skin. It is suitable for both sensitive and acne-prone skin

It is an ultra-lightweight lotion which feels just like a moisturizer. It glides on and is absorbed by the skin easily, and it does not leave any sticky/oily feeling or white residue after application. What I really like about this product is that it gives my complexion an instant brightening effect.

I added this product to my daily skincare regime as my last step of my skincare routine. I recommend it to those with sensitive and dehydrated skin and also to people with normal/oily and or have a combination of various skin types! Thanks 0.8L Singapore’ for the wonderful try out and the smooth delivery of the product!


I dont knw this sun creak or cleansing brush

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