[random] Dinner at Hoshino Coffee + Brekkie at Legendary Hong Kong Restaurant

Hoshino Coffee has its origins from Japan, and the café prides itself on their specialty hand-dripped coffee and fluffy pancakes.

Meryl joined RKM for dinner on a random weekday, and we had a delightful meal together. 

Don't miss out on Hoshino Coffee's Pot-Baked Curry Rice, as it is served piping hot in a sizzling hot pan. I love the baked Japanese cheesy curry rice which was served with generous chunks of sausages, broccoli and a semi-molten egg. Simply amazing! 

Have you tried Hoshino Coffee? They’ve opened a new outlet at VivoCity! This immaculate and classy café is now serving up delicious food and aromatic coffee, especially this coming Christmas where the café will have special new dishes to celebrate the holiday season. On my visit here I had Hoshino Coffee’s Christmas Pancakes which was amazingly yummy, and is definitely instragrammable!

Do visit Hoshino Coffee today for a jolly good time! 

After a 3 year hiatus, I re-visited the Legendary Hong Kong Restaurant on a random Saturday morning, as Baby is craving for Hong Kong cuisine, and missed it badly!

We ordered Boat-styled Porridge, and apart from that, I also ordered some food entrees which included Steamed Rice Roll with BBQ Pork, Mini Egg Tarts and Fried Savory Dumpling. The damage was about SGD31-ish, and this meal at Legendary Hong Kong Restaurant fulfilled his cravings for now!

‘Kai-Kai’ time with the kiddos at Thomson Plaza on a random Saturday! I end my post with my adorable niece, KaeGirl!


LiLi said…
您好!I am doing a school project and wanted to know if I can use your food pictures? They look absolutely delicious!

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