Afternoon Tea at the Balcony + Simple meals prepared by RKM

Both Baby and I love afternoon tea, but unfortunately we are not able to enjoy it now due to the dine-in restrictions. Therefore, we thought we would DIY by picking up a 3-tier High-Tea stand from Lazada!

We made our very own afternoon tea with some of our favorite snack items! We had fruit tarts and mini cupcakes for sweets and BBQ pork pastries and curry puffs as our savories.

I finally had the chance to use this Disney Baby Pooh Tea Set which I purchased a few years back!

We enjoyed our Afternoon Tea at home! This is the result of having higher COVID-19 restrictions... If you can't go for high tea, the high tea can come to you!

Recently, I've started to grow a keen interest in cooking more, partly because i now have a house of my own! Both Baby and I have started cooking more often, due to dining in being prohibited during Phase2HA. I guess we sometimes are pretty tired of take-out meals, and delivery is not exactly very cheap!

During one of the random WFH day, I prepared dinner for both Baby and myself. We had Fried Cai Poh Omelette, Steamed Egg Tofu with Fish Paste & Crab Sticks and Steamed Fish with Cai Poh. It was a pretty casual meal for us! SIMPLE US SIMPLE LIFE!


I received a ready-to-cook Black Pepper Chicken Paste by Woh Hup via the Partibox Subscription. I used it to make Black Pepper Chicken for dinner.


Apart from the sauce, I also prepared some ingredients such as CarrotsBaby Corns, Chinese Mushroom and Chicken Breast Meat. The flavor was REALLY on point, but not overpowering or too spicy. I love the convenience that the paste had helped in my cooking, but most importantly, it tasted tasty!

It was Baby’s turn to cook dinner for us. He made Fish & Chips. We had a nice and pleasant western meal for dinner!

I love the accompanying dish - Baked Beans with Cocktail Sausages. Thanks for cooking, Baby!

Throwback to a random weekend, where we drove to the nearest KFC outlet for brekkie. I've always been a huge fan of the Twister wraps at KFC because of its tasty skin, generous amounts of chicken, fluffy omelette egg and as well as its affordability! Pairing it with a nice hot cup of tea is perfect for a delicious breakfast!


Pokemons always are so cute.

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