(no dine-in) Returning back to Phase2HA (Heightened Alert)

 Due to the number of Covid19 infection community cases that have been increasing in Singapore, our government announced a return back to Phase2HA (Heightened Alert) to minimize the transmission of the virus.

I have alreadyg otten used to this 'whole new world' ever since the circuit breaker back in 2020. Luckily, shopping malls and supermarkets are still in operation. We started off the measures from 22 July 2021 and some restrictions will ease on 18 August 2021. To reduce the risk of community transmission, indoor ‘mask-off’ activities such as dining in at F&B establishments ceased.


For my daily breakfast, my Baby will prepare toast and tea for me, but for the times I get tired of toast or buns, he will then get take-out from the nearby food centre for me.

As working from home is still the default option, group buys are now essential for me. Recently, I picked up a packet of Pork Skewers (Mooping) from Mooping Singapore which was hosted by Teban Group Buy. I simply can’t get enough of this Mooping as they are really tasty. I want to purchase them again!

I whipped up a simple dinner for both of us, and we had Steamed Pork Ribs with Chilli Broad Bean Paste and Steamed Egg Tofu with Fish Glue Paste & Crab Sticks. We added the delicious Pork Skewers as part of our dinner too!

This was one of the meals I had during a breakfast at home on a weekday. To be honest, I don’t like WFH, as my eating hours have been messed up, and all the routine habits have been changed overnight.

These Otah Buns from ‘CHEFCRACKLING’ are best for breakfast during working at home. They tasted pretty good, but my heart is still leaning towards ‘SOULSHIOK’ as their Otah Buns are REALLY awesome!

Apart from the Otah Buns, I also ordered the Taro BBQ Chicken Balls from CHEFCRACKLING too, and they tasted terrific! They are pretty addictive too! I will definitely order them again despite the hefty price paid. Thumbs up!

I can’t wait to enter back into Phase3HA (Heightened Alert), so we can kinda head back to our old lifestyle, albeit with some limitations.


All look delicious. Like always

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