[product review] iBrea Skin Relief Intense Recovery Cream + Forencos Tattoo All Proof Mascara & Lip Tattoo Soak Mini Tint

Due to the frequent usage of the chemical-treatment spa pools at my home premises’ facilities, it has left my feet condition looking bad. My skin is extremely dry, which only made me more desperate to try a product that could potentially help improve on my situation.

I am glad that iBrea contacted me and offered to help me to counter my woes. The Intense Recovery Cream is super-effective in combatting dry and cracking skin. It also repairs the damaged cells at the same time.

I love using the iBrea Skin Relief Intense Recovery Cream which contains skin-loving natural ingredients to soothe my skin. I honestly have zero complaints, but I do prefer to have a mild natural fragrance.

This product acts akin to usual face serums, which helps to hydrate our dry skin cells. I couldn't wait to put the cream to the test. After my day-time shower, I applied cream on my affected area and it absorbed rapidly without leaving greasy residue. I put on my socks to lock it in, as doing so will offer protection for my dry skin for the whole day!

The cream is lightweight and formulated to provide immediate, long-lasting relief for itchy, extra dry skin, while also having a moisturizing effect up to 24 hours. It is highly recommended for itchy and very dry skin!

Do bear with me and check out my ugly before-and-after photos!

After consecutive using it for 4 days, my skin improved, as the flaky looking sandpaper skin had disappeared! Over the course of a week, it continued to improve, and my main problem is the dark patches on my ankle had become softer and no longer rough looking as compared to than before! Seeing such results obviously had me on cloud nine!

I was introduced to two fabulous products from Forencos.

Lip Tattoo Soak Mini Tint (ETE)

This petite lip tint is smudge proof and long lasting. It saves a lot of time while doing any re-touch-up. The lip color does not fade easily, even after going for a swim or after a meal!  I trust Forencos to take care of my lips as only natural ingredients are used to ensure safe usage!

Tattoo All Proof Mascara

It is easy to use, and it boosts the volume and lengthens my lashes at the same time. Mostly importantly, it is waterproof and smudge-free.

After trying these 2 products, I am now a 100% fan of them! I will check out out more of their products soon, and you can also view their range of products on their Shopee Official Page.

I end my post with a box of trial kit by Freeplus which I received from my letterbox! Thanks so much, I really love the watery cream, as it supports my skin’s barrier function. It works well on my sensitive-ish skin, and I feel safe using their products!


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