And the Phase2HA continue....

I am back with more updates on my Phase2HA.

I started to like Thai Dramas since the last Circuit Breaker. I really love Thai Dramas, as their storylines are really interesting. I've continued to watch these 'Thai Lakorn' to while away my time during this Heightened Alert by watching them online. Here are my recommendations!


Likit Haeng Jan

Keun Ruk Salub Chata - Switch of Fate

Mia Jum Pen - Wife on Duty

The Last Promise

Mae Krua Kon Mai - My Mischievous Fiancée

For my daily breakfast or lunch on weekdays during WFH, I usually will have something simple that requires simple steaming!

We drove over to Bugis Junction on a random weekend, and we pick up our delicious dinner from Osaka Ohsho. We totally love it very much!

The Monstera plant is now a favorite for most indoor garden enthusiasts, as the Monstera is best known for its unique split leaves. The low maintenance, easy-to-care-for plant has become an unique addition to any office or home. Most importantly, it is not a big target for pests. Therefore, there is no need to worry about any issue!

Do check out their IG - @thegrowroom99 for more indoor gardens information.

Recently, Baby got me a Canon iNSPiC [S] for my photo-printing joy. It is not the first instant camera printer in the market, but it is one of the smallest and is lightweight for easy carrying around!

For selfie lovers like me, there is a mirror dome and a built-in LED ring flash around the lens for composing selfies. There is a micro-USB charging port and a microSD card slot that supports up to 256GB for storing photos.

The iNSPiC can also be connected via Bluetooth to print photos that are stored in your smartphone via using the Canon Mini Print app. I was pretty pleased with the image, as the prints are surprisingly good.

I end my post with some supplements from TruLife. Thanks for the smooth delivery! I have yet to try out them, but I will kick-start on it soon!


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