[product review] Nacific Fresh Herb Origin Serum + Cleverin Gel

Hiya, here is yet another beauty review!


I was glad that the company '0.8L Singapore' sent me the 'Nacific Fresh Herb Origin Serum’ directly from Korea! It is good for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It also contains no harmful ingredients!

The ‘Nacific Fresh Herb Origin Serum’ is an antioxidant-enriched oil-based serum. It is made of all-natural ingredients that are formulated to heal acne, tighten pores, and nourish the skin.

When you look at the bottle, you might notice a line separating the serum into two layers. This is because the serum is made of botanical oils and aloe vera water. To apply this serum, the first thing that you NEED to do is to shake it well in order to mix the 2 layers well.

I started to adjust my daily skincare regime by including the ‘Nacific Fresh Herb Origin Serum’ about a week ago, and I now use it twice a day (day and night). This gold liquid serum helps to create a moisture barrier that deeply penetrates into the skin.


This serum is also known as known as a 'painful serum'. It contains a lot of citrus extracts, thus, many users might experience a tingling sensation upon application and if your skin is damaged. Eventually, it will lessen as your skin heals and you will notice the difference.

I personally prefer to use it at night, due to this tingling feeling. However, don't worry as this tingling feeling is tolerable! The serum is easily absorbed by the skin. It gives a right balance of moisture to my skin. If you’re concerned about any level of tingling, the brand has stressed that they have performed stability and irritation tests on the formula and that it’s safe for all skin types.


Thanks for the wonderful try out and the smooth delivery! It’s AMAZING! I am totally in love with this product! After using it for 5 days, I can see a big difference in my skin! My pores on my face looked smaller, my skin-tone was improved, looks brighter, and my acne scars were fading much faster than before! I would definitely recommend this to my friends and family who need help for their face.

Due the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become the new norm for anyone to take extra prevention measures to protect themselves. Therefore, the quality of indoor air is more important now than ever. It is now vital to protect our loved ones at home 24/7 with a high-quality air purifier or freshener. I am glad to be introduced to Cleverin Gel.

Cleverin Gel is Japan's #1 anti-bacterial product which removes 99.9% of airborne viruses and bacteria around us as well as to remove dust mites and unpleasant odours.

Below is the usage instruction:

Take care not to spill the liquid out the bottle and remove the cap.

Put all of the provided granules into the bottle.

Put the accompanying cap on the bottle and fix it by turning it until it clicks. 

Leave it still for 15 minutes.

Place it in a stable place. (Do keep it safely out of reach of children and pets.)

It is made in Japan, and it is also non-toxic to humans, and can safely be used around children, pets and the elderly. No power connection is required, and all your need to do us to just leave it in your room and it will disinfect automatically. I placed it on an elevated area in my room, and it gave me peace of mind and relief in knowing that I am well protected at home too!

Thanks for the wonderful try out and the smooth delivery. It can last for about 2 months! Note, it does depend on the conditions and area size too.


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