[random dine-in] Dinner at Eastern House of Seafood + WellSmoocht

A day before Singapore entered a 2-week of 2-pax dine-in only, RKM met up with the Lee Family for a dinner gathering at Eastern House of Seafood which is located at Mapex Building along Jalan Peminpin Road. This eatery place is specializes in Malaysian-style zichar.

Baby and I enjoyed the Eastern House's Tea Smoked Chicken, as the chicken meat was tender and juicy. It tasted savory as well as smoky sweet, with an overlay of pu’er tea flavor and aroma. This is one of the Must-Order delicacies at Eastern House of Seafood.

We were blown away by the Dry Roasted Sotong. It was marinated overnight before a quick dip in the fryer. It is cooked to a perfect succulent texture, and I highly recommend this dish under my must-try list!

The French Bean Prawn Ball Tempura Style was pretty addictive.

Thanks Chewy for arranging this dinner with us, as well as including us into this dining deal too. She purchased a voucher worth SGD100 for only SGD45. In the end, we only paid SGD33 per couple. Why pay more if there are great deals for us to save on for our dining options! Wow , we really saved alot from this dining meet-up!

After our dinner, we drove down to the Sin Ming area for a dessert fix. We went to WellSmoocht, an all-vegan café which is located along Sin Ming. It serves up vegan-friendly grub, and a selection of desserts crafted with plant-based gelato from WellSmoocht and all at nett prices.

I really love the creaminess and thickness of the vegan ice cream! It is a healthy dessert as it is made using natural ingredients. WellSmoocht is worth the pit-stop for vegan eaters!

A day before Singapore returned back to a month of Phase2HA (Heightened Alert), both Baby and I went over to Bedok 85 Fengshan Food Centre for dinner after our WFH.


During our paktor times, I introduced this eatery place to him, and we came back a couple of times for supper back then. To be honest, it has been a super long hiatus (about half a decade+) since I had the famous Bak Chor Mee Soup.

We had some Satay while waiting for the Bak Chor Mee Soup, and we waited about 20 minutes before they were served to our table!


Now that I had moved back to eastern side of Singapore, I will definitely come back often for dining in once it is safe again!

Lastly, I will end my post with some pancakes fix that I went with my lunch mates during lunch time at Bugis Junction. When it comes to desserts, we will always have a spare room for it.


This crispy meat looks delicious.

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