Thursday, November 15, 2012

12th Global Chinese Music Award 2012

Thanks F&N Fruit Tree Fresh for giving me the opportunity to attend the 12th Global Chinese Music Award 2012 'LIVE' in Singapore Indoor Stadium with a group of friends. We were super excited, as I was about to watch the 'LIVE' performances from top artistes around the regions.

The hosts of the night were the DJs from 7 different Chinese music radio stations from different countries.

The trio of us (Sweetie, Zerika and Yours Truly) were getting ourselves ready for the music event...

Fiona Sit received the Outstanding Regional Artiste Award (Hong Kong)

Della (Ding Dang) is a Mainland Chinese female singer who developed her career by herself in Taiwan. She received the Charismatic Voice Award.
 She released her first album in 2007. She is highly regarded both in Mainland and Taiwan because of her singing skills.

Mister (MR) from Hong Kong won the Most Popular Band Award

Twins are a Hong Kong-based female Canto-pop duo, and they are made up of two girls, Charlene Choi and Gillian Chung. They received the Most Popular Group Award.

Most Popular Group Award, Da Mouth is a Taiwanese hip hop band, and they are considered the 'Asian' version of The Black Eyed Peas due to the group's diversity.

I simply adore Aisa, female vocalist of Da Mouth.

Tanya Chua, Singaporean singer won the Best Female Artiste Award and Most Popular Composing Artiste Award and did a special tribute to Feng Fei Fei who passed on early this year.

Kit Chan received the Outstanding Achievement Award. She is the first Singaporean singer to break into the Hong Kong Canto-pop and the Taiwanese Mando-pop markets.

Upon hearing her popular hits and the familiar tunes brought back many fond memories... What a sweet nostalgic night!!
Our most talented singer is Olivia Ong, and she was the ambassador for this year's Global Chinese Music Award. I personally feel that she is indeed the best spoke-person for this music event. She also received the Outstanding Regional Artiste Award (Singapore)

Twins also received Media Recommendation Award and they performed their song, 'Talk to me' on stage...

A-do was awarded the Charismatic Voice Award and Most Popular Male Artistes Award.

My favorite singer, Aska Yang, who claimed his fame from the One Million Star Contest.

He received the Most Popular Male Artistes Award and Outstanding Regional Artiste Award (Taiwan)

JJ Lin won the Most Popular Male Artistes Award and Best Album Award.
Both Rainie Yang and JJ Lin received the Most Talented Artistes Award

Both Rainie Yang and Joey Yung received the Most Popular Female Artistes Award.
Throughout the whole music awards presentation and even during the thank you speech from almost all the artistes, they thanked JJ Lin's parents for bringing up such a talented son, JJ Lin when they received their awards. That was a blooper of the night!!

JJ Lin performed a medley of the songs he wrote for others and his own songs, and it was an interesting segment.

A few of us screamed out loudly for the performance by Rainie Yang.

Both Show Luo and Joey Yung won the Best Stage Performing Artiste Award.

Joey Yung out-shone the crowd with her huge fluffy bold pink cape, as everyone was looking at her dressing when she was on stage.

Eason Chan is a prominent male singer in Hong Kong's music industry and received the Best Male Artiste Award, Most Popular Male Artistes Award and Best Album Award.
Eason Chan was being labeled as the Hong Kong's 'God of Song', and this year, Time Out Hong Kong crowned him as the 'King of Asian Pop'.

Show Luo commonly known by his Chinese nickname Xiao Zhu (Little Pig), is a Taiwanese singer, dancer, and actor. He is dubbed 'Asia's Dance King' by the Taiwanese media for his dance skills.

Apart from winning the Best Stage Performing Artiste Award, he also received the Most Popular Male Artistes Award.

Joey brought an illuminated board with her to the music awards presentation ceremony to support her idol, Show Luo, and I helped her to write his name on it for later use during his performance.

Show Luo was the only singer who sang while dancing that night, and I am impressed with his dance moves. He changed the atmosphere with his amazing dancing performance.

Jess Baby showed her support to Show Luo too by raising up the name signage while he was singing on stage.

We had an awesome night, thanks for the invitation once again!!

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