Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Movie screening of Ah Boys to Men

A group of us went to support our local production, 'Ah Boys to Men', and it is definitely a nice way to catch up with friends.
--- Posters of Ah Boys to Men ---

'Ah Boys to Men' is the latest Singaporean comedy film written and directed by Jack Neo. The movie revolves around a group of army recruits in national service, and this film consists of two parts. The first part was released on November 8 2012, and the second will be on February 7, 2013.
Ken Chow (starring Joshua Tan) is a soon-to-be enlistee boy who dreads having to serve National Service (NS). The mandatory army training disrupts his education overseas with his girlfriend. His mom (played by Irene Ang) tries all means to get him out from military training.
As NS enlisting is compulsory for all Singaporean males, therefore Ken has no choice. On his first day of NS, he befriended his section mates, which include Lobang (starring Wang Weiliang) and IP Man (played by Noah Yap).

The moral of the movie is this is where we grew up in, and therefore we should defend and protect it, and the storyline is anchored within Singaporean culture. To be honest, the new blood casts are pretty weak in their acting, but their chemistry and interaction in the movie with one another makes up for it. I love the way they speak, it is SO SINGAPOREAN. I love the outfield scene, it is really very hilarious. There are hits and misses in the movie, Ah Boys to Men. I realised that most of the Jack Neo's movies love to play out in slo-mo for some scenes which I felt was over doing it.
Personally, I am not impressed by the opening scene where there is an assault from an unknown enemy on our small dot island. Jet planes launch missiles which landed on the HBD flats, roads, and the neighbourhood hawker centre. Explosions were everywhere, and the innocent residents get savagely pelted by bullets. Overall, I think the plot is pretty honest and down to earth.
Do catch the sequel to support our locals.
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