Friday, November 23, 2012

Tupperware Brands Eco Living Carnival 2012

Tupperware arrived to Singapore in 1964 and it is normally known for it's convenient, efficient and easy-to-use food storage products. Most households have become familiar with these ingenious products that bring ease and convenience into our lives and made Tupperware grow exponentially over the years.
Tupperware is today known as Tupperware Brands, as there is a big increase in their products like beauty and personal products for consumers through the Tupperware, TupperChef, TupperClean, Nutrimetics and NaturCare brands.
In a bid to give back to the community and Mother Earth this November, Tupperware Brands launched their Eco range at the biggest ever Tupperware Brands Eco Living Carnival 2012.
We (Sweetie, Wendy, Terence and Yours Truly) attended the Private Media Launch at Ngee Ann City, Civic Plaza.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony was conducted before the carnival began, and we had a great time watching the lion dance performance.

After the amazing performance by the lion dance troupe, all invited guests were lead to the premises for the speech and token of appreciation presentation.

The Straits Time School Pocket Money Fund is the official Charity for Tupperware Brands Eco Living Carnival 2012. This community was established in 2000 by The Straits Times. The Straits Time School Pocket Money Fund was dedicated to enhance the lives of the children from low-income families by providing them pocket money, and so they can enjoy a meal during recess time, to pay for school bus fares and other school –related expenses.

Tupperware Brands Singapore will donate S1 from the sales proceeds of each product from Tupperware Brands Eco range on top of the pre-pledge sum of $10,000 to The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund.

This was the first time that Tupperware Brands launched the Eco Living Carnival in Singapore. The Eco Range products provide the best solution for the environment issues that Mother Earth is facing now.
Made with only premium quality, non-toxic, food-grade material, the all-new Eco Range water bottles are tested and proven to be safe for a lifetime’s reuse. It was designed to keep safe against chemical leaching and under hot weather.

We explored the carnival, and it was a eye-opener for me as I don’t know that there are so many different brands of products under Tupperware Brands.
I spent quite a while at the Nutrimetics beauty booth looking at the products... Oh well, anything about making me looking better just makes me feel like knowing more about the products and their benefits.
I love the scent from the apricot kernel oil from the Nutri-Rich Oil range.

Wendy is simply in love with BerryGen (collagen drink) from the NaturCare...
Lovely morning with Tupperware Brands and my besties, lastly thanks for the lovely invite!!

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